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Patch - October 2023 Patch (oct 10 test, oct 18 live) (1 Viewer)

Patch days remind me that I really should keep a note somewhere of my accounts' login information. It's hard to log in when you don't know your own usernames and passwords :-p
If you mean subbed to these forums?....... for level 2 all you need to do is use your sense.

Your Red Cents ....

ok that was bad.
Yep. I got 90. Was hoping to hold out till confirmation then use it. Money is a little tight at the end of the year for me. So that 50 cent will get me in the door, then hooked to sub.
I noticed my Berserker's axes are stackable to 1,000 now! It's a small but welcome update. It's common for patches to contain changes that aren't mentioned in the log, anyone notice other changes that weren't publicly documented?
Q: How long is a meter?
A: Yes

Alright, I get it. Thought someone might sit on some memories from earlier game updates and historical information, but alright. I will find out eventually. All is good.
nah a meter is well defined : defenition

Now tell me:
Q: How long is a piece of string ?

Some people having trouble with ToT location, totally offscreen
DX11 stutter/lag: DB needs to use new some DX11 feature that did not exist in DX9. DX11 emulates the old DX9 feature which does not exist in DX11. Well that is what I head.

Crash when dragging hotbuttons for equipped items is back too.
can confirm that MQ2 works on mischief. Absolutely loved setting my guys back up like i had my group on live when i used it. Absolutely love the truebox removal on the announced servers! Thank you Sic and company for your work on all that bring us joy in this game.
Rejoice! Several servers have become "relaxed truebox" or received truebox removal. While MacroQuest will not work on them today, support will be added later.

What to expect on patch days?
When eq patches MQ has to be rebuilt. (you also have to patch EQ --- this way you avoid "Version Mismatch" issues)

once mq is built RG can build - we now have an automated system that rebuilds RG as soon as it is updated - which means our previous method of "let's give it a quick test" is no longer there, and sometimes there ends up being another smaller patch later to correct if something got missed - so re-check on patch days if you are having issues.

eq could change literally anything and it would require the way MQ interacts with that portion of EQ to be completely reworked. It is normally just offsets, sometimes struct changes --- with the large changes eq has been making over the past few months (updates and backend improvements) there are more things than just offset changes that are happening, so it can certainly be a lot of work for the devs.

Curious when Very Vanilla will be updated?
You'll get a web notification (if we have permission), site notification, and email (optional)
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MacroQuest for Live servers:
MacroQuest for Test server

EQ patches go like this: (in theory)
2nd* tue/wed = test "real" patch
3rd* wed = live patch
4th* tue/wed = test "true up

the tue over the wed is a more recent thing (I suspect klanderso has more to do with that, and having time to ensure working stuff before the weekend and upset people - klanderso is pretty awesome)
* holidays subject to cause shifts in days or even week

test is notorious for being like "oops we forgot the 'dont crash plz' file, gotta patch again", or "woops we added +1 to crashing, we meant -1", so "on paper" it is double the patches, but very frequently ends up being more than double the work (i imagine, I'm not doing the work - I'd love to learn enough at some point to help facilitate doing so, however)

Mq itself is open source and by volunteer(s) - RG which builds and distributes that is obviously paid for.
If you wanted to show your appreciation to the MQ devs for their volunteer work:

Tip the MQ Developers HERE:
Reply to this thread after donating for your 🧠
Reply to this thread after for your :dannuic:
I am truly amazed by what you guys do. It's like something out of a movie from when I was young. That is the truth.
Lmk when it works on aradune, I'll be repurchasing redguides right then... don't have tier 2 so not sure if it does yet. 🙏🤣🫣😅
Patch - October 2023 Patch (oct 10 test, oct 18 live)

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