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Request - How should we respond to suspension waves? (1 Viewer)


Oct 15, 2004
I've been talking with a few people about this for months, but ultimately MacroQuest is an open source project, so I'd like to open this conversation to everyone.

How should RedGuides respond to the recent 7-day suspension waves? We don't have the resources of a $300,000,000 company, but we certainly have passion. What should we focus it on?

Some things to keep in mind:
  • When reading this thread, you'll notice up ▲ and down ▼ arrows next to each reply. Use them to upvote ideas you agree with.
  • While a lot of us are upset about suspensions (people are venting on here and social media) we need to keep in mind that we're EverQuest fans. We're here because of the work and creativity from Darkpaw Games, so please show them respect even if you disagree with their judgement.
  • We assume several thousand people use MacroQuest, though this is a very rough estimate as we don't log anything in game nor are we the only distributor. DPG has a much better idea about usage than we do.


If you took the time to vote or reply, thank you. Here's the primary action suggested in every post with at least two votes:

Add detection safeguards to MQ + 149
Communicate with DPG + 101
Boycott / Stop playing altogether + 55
Stay the course / No change +49
Focus on Emu +20
Stop promoting our playstyle +20
Remove Truebox restrictions +9
Add more "anti"-features such as anti-AFK checks. + 7
Turn on safety features by default: audible alerts on say, tell, /ooc camp checks, etc. + 4
lol +2

The highest two suggestions have been heard loud and clear. I imagine an effective boycott would need organization, I'm open to it but not just yet. Staying the course has already been tried 😅. Emulator is attractive for many reasons, and work has already begun on MacroQuest for emu clients. I don't think we'll take down our youtubes or relax truebox restrictions anytime soon. I wouldn't push for anti-features without some type of assurance they'd help our cause. Some safety defaults like those hotpocket suggested will probably be in a commit soon.

Again, thank you all for the replies and for sticking with us to this point. If there are any ideas I missed, or improperly summarized, please reply!
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Oct 24, 2020
Keep playing smartly, and accept the fact that there is risk in anything the general gaming public is against. I have been playing since beta, and love this game. I just want to find ways to love it more. I am not going to let this stuff stress me out, as that is what my kids are for. lol


May 5, 2016
The problem with this theory is it's all based on people "abusing" MQ2. I was suspended this week without even using MQ2. I was using ShowEQ and I was using the Very Vanilla launcher to launch it. Nothing more.
well, you weren't suspended for using mq by not using mq =p

myseq/seq have definitely been annoyances and complains and definitely a "third party software" item by dbg since they existed


Oct 24, 2021
I hate DBG, negative respect, same for SOE. EQ was a masterpiece made by people who are no longer involved with it. Everyone else has proven for decades they have no clue how to replicate it, they have no idea what made it almost a household name to begin with and what made it special, or even what separates it from every other MMO. They proved this with failure after failure and syphoned EQ's profits down that huge ravenous toilet. They disrespected and damaged their own creation, and their own audience, as they did every step of the game's life, pioneering concepts like microtransactions and p2w all at the expense of their game and their players. I always thought of them as one of the worst companies ever, stumbled into a one hit wonder and then pissed it all up the wall in the most disgusting fashion. The whole idea of this "Truebox" thing is completely idiotic, and just another example of why they are a morons and don't deserve to be in business. It is indefensibly stupid, as is everything they do. All their crappy fly by night TLPs and just everything. They suck. I know everyone loves EQ and you wanted us to respect the creation or whatever, but I've played EQ since 1999 and never felt any different. I see it like a child, the most wonderful child prodigy, but it's parents are pure trash. I like my EQ Emu, it can feel solitary but there are other multiplayer games for me. But I like having the pure EQ experience without worrying about some idiotic GM team watching over me and making stupid choices and making money off me in the process. I have no part in this, but I don't think they deserve your money or efforts. My advice would be to fight against them.
As someone who has also started playing in 1999, I love this. Such a passionately built game that was abused and molested for years by sheer incompetence and greed.

well, you weren't suspended for using mq by not using mq =p

myseq/seq have definitely been annoyances and complains and definitely a "third party software" item by dbg since they existed
Unless they’re detecting the program in memory or even just being installed. I’m which case I was suspended for possession. Which should only be a misdemeanor :p

In some ways I’m glad they did it before I had a moment of weakness and gave them my money reactivating my other characters. I came really close to doing it.

For now, they’ve reminded me that leaving my 12 accounts unsubscribed is the best way to go.
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May 9, 2022
Im thinking about setting up my own EMU server.. I see its atleast up to ROF? , I have a rack mount dl360 already. I have been suspended "fairly" once but its stressful worrying about this stuff. I quit for 10 years and just checked EQ out and red guides and RG is what got me hooked and ive now got 12 gold accounts and i mind my own business but enjoy having the game running while Im studying ( at the keyboard ) . Before RG i would just pull, lock aggro with my SK.. and hit (1) for my heal macro every couple minutes while i looked at my book.. Anyways.. Im sure many of you folks have found the game to have a second life so to speak with being able to deck out your other toons long after you have maxed out your mains potential. Anyways, my point is I dont like what ive seen as far as their treatment of other people.. Im really starting to resent giving them money and frankly jobs. People loosing 20 year old toons and not even being bale to get ahold of someone on CS end is unacceptable. It really seems like there are Tyrants running it.. I want to support the game but that places my toons at risk... So my alternative is to just play FTP accounts but id like to support the game and feel like im contributing to extending the games life...IDK, one day im going to make 500 gnomes and riot POK =) ... sorry to rant.

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