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Question - Hello All (1 Viewer)


Aug 23, 2015
Hello everyone,

I am a returning EQ player and was curious if KIssAssist is still the go to program for multiboxing. I have noticed a few new things here since i last was active. Any suggestion or insight on some of these new tools would be great.

Welcome back!

there are a lot of class specific plugins now that you can use for a yearly fee . kissassist is still the standard imo, not sure how long you have been gone; but a lot of the goodies here are now in Lua form which is pretty darn awesome. if you want to check and try things out you can /testcopy your toons and try out the cwtn class plugins and other stuff like hytiek's grind etc on test server for free before purchase!

again welcome back to the best box community in norrath!
Kissassist is still used frequently. There is also the RGMercs Lua that's a conversion of the Macro to a Lua. Seems like you're familiar with KA, so RGMercs is more akin to not needing much for setup.
The class plugins 519helvis mentioned are available on test for free if you want to try them out without any obligation.
Neat to see so much progression happen here with the plugin and macros. Will definitely check the RGMercs and Class plugins out. Thanks for the feedback.
Question - Hello All

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