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Question - CWTN Plugins VS KA or RGMercs (1 Viewer)


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Nov 30, 2019
Hello Frens,

I am wondering about MQ2Berzerker, MQ2Cleric and so on. I am currently using KA11 with a bard, warrior, cleric, mage, berzerker. So I have watched Sic's videos on the matter and I was thinking about getting them. However, they are paid premium plugins and to get warrior, cleric and berzerker is about the same as all my eq accounts each month. So to the question.... Why buy these premium plugins ? Are they better then KA11 ? I am leaning towards getting them I just dont want to buy them and wind up not using them because the differences between the two and not significant enough. Any thoughts would be appreciated as they may aleive my indecision.
I use all of my plugins, and like them all, even the ones in development. ;)

Me and Sic are open to suggestions that are both feasible and that will likely be something that can be used to improve general content gameplay as well as trying to add some random features along the way.

While we do have plugins that are considered complete, it's always possible that there is room for improvements to them, and we do constantly add features to all of the plugins that fit for all classes to have them.

There are a few things that stand out as positives for the CWTN plugins as a whole, and aren't class restricted.
Class windows - The windows have become a feature of the CWTN Plugins that a lot of people have really anchored to and...
Aug 27, 2020
Here's my 2 cents:

Would getting this help keep my groups alive?
I use the CWTN plugins and find them great. While they are well-tuned, they aren't really magic either. I think you'd have to look at the kind of damage that the group is taking. If it's just too much for the shaman to heal, upgrading to the plugin won't really help that. Having said that, in my experience, my groups don't die because the plugin didn't cast the right heal at the right time. They die because they are just underpowered or I don't have the right comp/strategy for the fight.

I also wanted to know if this purchase would help at all with movements on raids?
Probably not. The basic movement controls are the same as Kissassist with camp/manual/chase modes. You can set everyone to chase on a raid MA, which is useful, but that may or may not actually help you in your situation. I find the "vorpal" mode to be useful on raids for healers and such, but that's more about putting them in one spot vs. moving them to avoid mechanics, and it can still be emulated with KA.

I'm also worried that by purchasing the program I would be more easily detected by daybreak
I don't think this will make a difference either way.

As Chat mentioned above, you can always try them out on test. But, be aware, there's an EQ bug on test right now where melee disciplines are not showing up on Combat Abilities even if you've previously scribed them. You can still manually trigger them with /disc, but the CWTN plugins think that toons don't have the disciplines at all, so they don't try to use them. This significantly affects the performance of any melee toons running the plugins (I've had to go back to using KA on rogues and such).


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Jun 15, 2011
Access to all of the CWTN plugins is 10000% free on the test server and available for users specifically on the test server who either find the financial burden of live servers to exceed their investment to fun ratio, or for users to try.
You can in fact just use the plugins for free forever on the test server. As an alternative, if you're on the fence on if you should get the plugins, you're welcome to /testcopy your entire team, download RG test version of MQ, and load them all up or any combination of them for the purpose of testing them out to determine if they are the right fit for you.

I always forget about test lol

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