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Guide - Berserker 1.5 Epic - An Ancient Sebilite Protector fight at Level 110 / Max EoK AA

Dec 26, 2017
OK, since I had a royal pain in the ass with this fight, I'd like to share what worked and what didn't. It took about 10 hours before I got the first credit on one of my three Zerkers at 110.

1) I was in a 6 man raid (though according to several sources that's no longer required)
2) I had a tank dual wield Fire Beetle Eyes to hold aggro.
3) Respawn is 2 hours - meaning every 2 hours since you last kill the ASP he will respawn after you kill all of the golems in the room - if you clear out the room before the 2 hours mark, the ASP won't spawn until after the next one enters the area (sometimes it's a roamer, other times it was one of the static spawns).
4) Unless you get a chest to spawn, you didn't get credit for the kill EVEN WITH ALL 4 broken/updated axes in your inventory. Don't even bother going back to LoIO - the guy won't accept the updated axes yet.
5) If you only kill one of the Guardians because only one became targetable, you don't get chest/kill credit.
6) NOTE: on my first zerker I had all 4 updated axes in my inventory but he got kill credit AND a check because (I think) he was in aggro range the second time I did the fight properly - I had him parked with the rest of the group out by the clickable firepot. Surprised the hell out of me because I thought I'd have to do the fight one more time or even possible go through the BS of refarming all of the bloods and get the ores and trial axes again.
7) Strip down your gear until you are around 100k hitpoints. I also thought only the zerker who got the killshot on ASP got credit/chest.

- I parked my tank in one of the froggie side rooms, and just kept clearing the room at the 2 hour mark. When ASP spawned (along with two untargetable Guardians) I had the tank grab aggro while my zerker wielded each axe to test it with autoattack.
- I used the nuclear option and removed MQ2 entirely
- I turned on auto attack (with trial axes) and faced 90 degrees from the back of the ASP. After 30 - 45 seconds each axe would pop back on my tooltip and I'd swap it out for the next axe to test until the final one which changed to a weildable axe.
- Once I got to the last axe that was weildable, I meleed the ASP down (with tank still holding aggro) to under 20% health when the two Guardians became targetable and appear on your XTarg.
- I swicthed targets to the Guardians and swapped the quest axe for the epic 1.0 axe to speed things up. Your regular GMM axe might be fine but I wanted to not just instagib these things. I killed both Guardians then switched to ASP

Once ASP dies (again AFTER the guardians are dead) you should get some chat text and a chest will spawn at your feet (note above - my third zerker who kept failing during this fight finally got a chest to spawn at his feet even though he was outside the room on the second time I did this fight properly).

I hope this helps - the being in a raid part may not matter, and having someone tank for you may not be needed but I did accidentally decap / instagib the mobs a few times
FAILURE NOTE: One of the attempts while still using my 110 weapon I killed the ASP THEN the two guardians with decap / instagib and didn't get kill credit / quest update - hence why I suggest using lower damage weapons.
Feb 14, 2016
If you equip the axes and duck, let the zerker getting beat on the axes will break on their own eventually, no need to even damage the golem.
Jun 18, 2014
Another way which is how I did it was to get 3% into 110 and max decap out, then die in Seb and get a call of the wild. Unequip everything minus the chest and put on your test axe. You will not decap anything till you hit 110 again and your dps will be shit till you hit 110. Still works as of a week ago. Don't do any attacks other than auto attack.