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Discussion - anyone else feel guilty on how much money they spend on everquest? (1 Viewer)

Mar 1, 2020
nope i dont think about .. for one its alot cheaper than alot of other things i could be doing and getting into trouble .. also for the past 5 - 7 years ? or so I have not paid for a sub .. its all been krono ive earned in game via pp farming and selling .. only thing i pay for now is the expansion .. I buy 1 or 2 basic expansions for my accounts possibly 3 if it has a good carrot . then i wait till the following year when they go on sale and I decide then if i want more basic expansions for rest of my accounts and I might swing the big kahoona and buy the premium and ive gone as far as buying the F&F once when they had it on sale for 50% off .. but usually i buy the premium on main account cause im an illusion junky I have over 80 illusions ..

anyways back on track , so the miniscule of money i fork over to DPG doesnt loose me any sleep at all ..
Aug 31, 2016
I know how you feel. I’m married with kids and the wife has a weird hatred for the game..I almost feel like opening a separate checking account that I deposit 50 bucks a month into just so I can enjoy the game without hearing any backlash!
Separate accts may start an even louder discussion ;) Plus it requires a lot of extra steps. Determine the total monthly or better yet quarterly/semi--annual/annual, and buy gift cards. Easier answer overall to the evolving problem is trading the wife. Or if you enjoy the fight, mention it's much cheaper then booze 'n broads, gifts, motels, etc. Make SURE you're not within her immediate damage range. And keep head on swivel for awhile. I tried that once with my 1st wife and just...barely, dodged a heavy glass flying ashtray. However the double-pane sliding glass door behind me didn't fair as well. What an expensive fr&?kin mess. I took a couple hour drive/watering-hole visit. I stopped at the hardware store to get some plastic sheeting to cover the door. Shame I didn't get black. Door faces west, no trees means AC ain't gonna cut it. When I came in wife was in kitchen talking/crying on the phone explaining what was happening. Ending the call when I got a beer from the fridge. She wiped her eyes, said her parents said to say hello. Oops, that means her father, a very serious bad-ass retired officer, now ATF agent heard the tearful story from his darling daughter. Finished the beer, got another an trying to steady my voice... asked how they were doing. That turned into a very long uncomfortable evening. Then I ran out of beer. Asked over my shoulder, heading up stairs I asked if she was coming/ready for bed. She jumped giggling said of course, she had some making up to do. I stopped and let her go first, so I could watch her ass going up the stairs. Some of the best unexpected sex that night. Anyway if you figure out a successful non-destructive answer I'm interested in learning. I'm currently in much the same position with much less to work with, and very reliant on my wife for everything. She's very good to me considering an I do love her very much. But story for another time...maybe, remember your first love?


Seasoned veteran member
Jul 15, 2019
Gaming rig + EQ + other rpg games + kegerator with 3 taps < going out for fun. Every time I go out I could instead buy a sixtel of beer (41 × 16oz pints or 55 bottles). Go out again and it pays for any gaming in the month. So basically I just stay home twice a .month when I felt like going out and instead game and drink beer on tap at home. Pretty good deal IMO.

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