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IRL - Also returning to EQ after a break, New to MQ! (1 Viewer)

Jan 8, 2024
Like a few people have posted here, I'm coming back to check out EQ after a 20-year break. I used ShowEQ back in the day, but never any scripting or automation.

I'm playing a two-character team at the moment, (Mage/bst or mage/bard) and I'm interested in getting more out of them than just the in-game macros to assist, pet attack, debuff, and cast four nukes. MQ looks like the thing!

My first question is this, though - how are the individual class plugins different or better than running VV?

I've looked through the starting guide videos once, but until I download VV and start playing, I don't have hands-on experience to work it all out myself!


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Sep 10, 2019

VV is the underlying program that gives you lots of great stuff, but also mostly just the basics. You can think of it like being your Windows (or LInux, don't @ me anyone) that you need to run to be able to then run the cool stuff that is EQ, or in this case the individual class plugins or some of the more advanced plugins like KA or RGMercs. KA, MuleAssist, and RGMercs have the advantage of being free, but you will have to do the labor of love of setting up and updating your characters' individual ini files (though RGMercs might be more out of the box than that, I've never used it sorry). The CWTN plugins have the advantage of being super simple to get rolling with, it will tell you what spells you need to get and then it handles the rest.

What's question number two? :)


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Sep 26, 2021
Welcome To The Team GIF by MOODMAN

Welcome to RG and welcome back if you're a returning player!

I believe Knave answered your question about VV and automation, but here is some additional info about RG!!

Always start here RG Video

Watch the vids Sic has created as they are your greatest source of information. I would even recommend watching them twice. Toon Movement - AutoGroup/AutoAccept/MQ2Yes - Basic Overview

Once you have an idea of how things work, you'll want to look into some automation options. Check out Kissassist Beginners Guide, Kissassist Commands , RGmercs, and especially cwtn plugins ( you can also /testcopy your toons and use the cwtn plugins there for free and you'll want to spend some time looking at CWTN Plugins Explained.).

I suggest getting your feet wet slowly and be patient as it takes time to absorb all this information. Try taking your toons somewhere safe and lower level at first and explore the automation options. It takes some time to get used to, so don't be surprised it if feels overwhelming at first.

Once you feel like your're getting the hang of it (or to get a more in depth idea of what this site can do), then check out the plugins, macros, and lua's available to complement your automation. Things like MQ2pluginmanager, buttonmaster, mq2autogroup, MQ2Autoaccept, MQ2Status, GuildClicky, Boxhud, MQ2Buffme , and more. You'll also want to see Lua event manager.

What the heck is a Red Cent you ask? Red Cents can you help with your subscription and it's the currency this site uses. Contribute helpful information (post here) and others will give you red cents and each red cent you give others returns one to you. check it out! Red Cents

Lots of info and a super helpful community here to help when you get stuck.
Oct 24, 2020
Welcome! We are glad you are here!

MQ is a game changer. I think you will enjoy it. As others may point out, the CWTN plugins are definitely the way to go. Enjoy!

Jun 25, 2020
Welcome back to our beloved and addictive Evercrack! Many things have changed, but it is a good time to rediscover this game on your own schedule and terms. RedGuide's MQ2 systems with VV made the entire thing so much more streamlined and very simple to setup. It sure is a different experience now with that alone. Like others like Psy mentionned a few posts above, make sure to watch Sic's tutorial guides about movements, basic commands and some other QoL stuff as well and dabble a bit in the different plugins. CWTN for individual class plugins isn't free (except on Test server), but they are very straight forward in their usage and make everything simpler without needing to tweak around INI config files and other KissAssist related things, and therefore very worth to invest into.

Make sure to not hesitate in asking questions when needed and read up on the mentionned resources. You'll be rolling in (almost) no time!

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Jan 8, 2024
So I've been playing around with some macros.

  • Loving Skills2.Lua for automating casting skills after being PL'd, and I had a go at updating that to account for primary/secondary specialisations.
  • Loving hitall.mac with a golden pick for tagging everything when my friend is PLing me in Lunanyn!
  • Loving easyfind, nav and travelto. SO MUCH LOVE!
  • Still not sure how much I love playing a bard, regardless of how much I love the idea and potential, and playing _with_ a bard!
  • Loving pettoys.mac so my mage can give out full sets of gear to all our pets
  • Loving claimhouse.mac to get collectibles out of our shared guild house, for "take a shiny, leave a shiny" sharing
My next question - does anyone have a housing equipment manager type macro, that will restack all the collectibles in a house so we don't end up with six stacks of 2 or 3 of the same thing? Or do I need to get editing on claimhouse?


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Aug 19, 2020
Jun 4, 2023

For the bard.
Lots of ways to figure this out.
- This has good, basic info about setting up a bard (and other toons) I'd start here: https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/kissassist-beginners-guide.239/, about half way down is "Intermediate Guide" Start reading there, the bard section starts at #5.
- You can search for bard.ini files that others have all ready created. Saves you the hassle other then going in and tweaking things like campradius, returntocamp, chase and individual spells you'd prefer: https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/categories/kissassist-ini-library.18/ . Select a class, the level range your looking for, the purpose and server type and hit submit. Then have a looksee. I've used Sic's bard ini for levels 110, 115, 120, 125. I had to modify them because my bard doesnt have all the cool toys his does, but its doable with some reading. That being said, there are alot of bard.ini's by other folks here. Don't limit yourself.
- Detailed information about what KissAssist is doing, visit the KissAssist Wiki. I spent alot of time looking at the wiki. "Alot of time" is relative, so.... programing and the like is hard for me to grasp, alot of time was 6 or 10 hours over a few days looking at the wiki, changing things, playing the bard, fixing stuff, etc. If you understand programing speak, then your mileage will be better then mine. https://www.redguides.com/wiki/KissAssist.
My bard hits things, mezz's groups of 3 mobs or bigger, sings all the time, and is greatly useful because of the madness that is KissAssist.
IRL - Also returning to EQ after a break, New to MQ!

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