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May 31, 2024
Hello hello,
I was becoming quite discouraged 4 boxing on Live. Mostly due to personal shortcomings and the cost. TBH though pretty much the whole of it was just becoming so unfulfilling, but as i was making the decision.. i was reminded of Lazarus! I had always wanted to try 6 characters and now seems to be a great time to try it out. I have never used MQ, but things drastically have changed for me and i no longer see a reason to avoid it... especially on a server like PL.


I know there is plenty of info here i still need to sift through, but please if anyone has any recommendations that go above and beyond for QOL due to visual and motor skill impairments. Feel free to send send send.

Sorry if post is yikes, edited a voice to text -_-
Welcome Cripabled,
My opinion, you made a great decision. Get your sub and then download the software, let the launcher install and then go through the website resources and add a few things as you learn what you need or want to try. there is so much goodness that people have built for you to use. Some stuff is pay, tons is included. there is lots to enjoy. Also Post, chat here or Discord. Welcome friend.
Welcome Home!

As mentioned above you can get a sub which will give you access to a lot of the improvements free.

You'll notice the black bands under our names that says "Level 2"

The level 2 gets you a lot of free things and it also gives you the ability to give others Red Cents for good or helpful or funny posts.

By passing out and earning these "red Cents" you can use them to keep up your free level 2 each month. Just stop by the RedCents shop - click the Redcents at the top of the page to go there. You will need 50 and I just gave you 10 so as others chip in then you'll be able to go to the shop and get the level 2.

It does not cost you any to give and in giving them out it will also earn you more. If you make posts that others find funny, helpful, good question etc then they will give you Reds and that is 10 each time. So it is a good thing to come here and post now and then.

It only takes 50 red cents a month to stay level 2 so that is super easy since you can give out 4 a day.
Getting Started / Returning user

Welcome to RedGuides, fellow EQ multi-boxing enthusiast!

The best place to begin is our "New User Guide" video series, click this TV to watch:

This step-by-step series will teach absolute beginners how to control 6 characters at once while highlighting Nav, AutoLogin, and DanNet, which are fundamental plugins that will enhance every aspect of your game.

Returning users check out - MacroQuest Release Party: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/macroquest-release-party.80628/ for information about changes from the legacy MQ2 to the new and awesome MQ
I just gifted you a month of level 2. Look at the data i posted there to start getting your feet wet. If/when you run into a wall, can always search forums (lots of info here), post a question on the forums (pretty good response time), or join the discord (normally somebody around to offer helps and tips for MQ and EQ).
There is nothing like boxing a full group. Once you do it's pretty hard to play your other toons that aren't in that 6 box. I have about 60 toons I try to play 3 groups a day 2 full box groups sometimes 3.
Yeah i subbed and got started and im having a great time, have to goto PoK alot and find answers to things but i dont mind. I have a few decently versed friends guiding me thru making inis etc.
Thanks durango, much appreciated!
I think my favorite part about it is the ease of starting and stopping play for breaks(well at least on PLaz).
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