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Unmaintained XGen-Ranger (Legacy Standalone does not work with XGen Unified) 1.2.2 LIVE

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
Software Requirements
mq2sqlite, mq2nav, mq2hud
Server Type
🏢 Live
This mac will auto ranged for you, it will auto melee for you, and there is a manual mode. It has auto buffs, nukes and dots enables or disabled. It burns on named or you can enable force burns (say good bye to mana).

There are 3 Modes of Play:

1. Ranged Mode. It will keep your toon at the perfect range for bow and combat abilities.
2. Melee Mode. It will keep you close to the mob and swing / kick / use whatever melee abilities you have.
3. Manual. You can run around Like Rambo. You control the toons movements, and it will adjust on the fly to use bow or weapons via your distance automatically. It also does discs in this mode.

It parses deacently. May be better out there, or this may be great. You tell me!!!

There is a Hud /cc loadhud
There is a button creation /cc makebuttons

You need the following spells loaded

1. Dissident Fusillade
2. Focused Blizzard of Arrows
3. Summer's Sleet
4. Ice Burrower Swarm
5. Eyes of the visionary
6. Howling Blades
7. Jolting Velium
8. Wildstalker's Enrichment
9. Shout of the Arbor Stalker
10. Outrider's Ever-Burning Cloak

Reminder this is still in BETA there has only been 3 testers.

There is still a bunch of junk code in it that needs to be cleaned up.

HUD Example.
Ranger  Hud.png

Sample Burn Parse.
Vhal`Sera in 62s, 132.07M Damage @2.13M, 1. Ranger +Pets = [email protected] in 60s
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. HUD reverted to MQ2 LIVE build

    Same version as updated before no changes other than the HUD path.
  2. SQLite update

    Updated SqLite Code for latest build of MQ2.
  3. now has 85+ support

    Version 1.0 RELEASE Update 1.0.1 Fixed ${Spell[].RankName} double entries, that were preventing...