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Utility Sellitem.mac 2021-03-29

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Other Authors
sl968 & Ionis
Server Type
Live, Test Server
Modified from sell.mac by sl968 at Redguides by Cannonballdex
| Modified from AutoVendor.mac created by Ionis at Redguides by Cannonballdex
| Used to sell all of a single item in inventory
| Hotkey or Type /mac sellitem "ItemToSell"
| Place an item on your cursor and use the hotkey below
| Hotkey /mac sellitem "${Cursor.Name}"
| Updated to drop item from cursor before selling when using sellitem on cursor
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Adjusted for lag

    Slowed down the selling of the item to avoid spam of trying to sell items too fast. Added some...