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RoS Skyfire Hero Mission

Quest / Event RoS Skyfire Hero Mission

Here is a video of me 6 boxing the RoS Skyfire Hero mission. All the toons are running KissAssist besides the SK in which I'm playing manually.

My group setup is SK, Cleric, Bard, Zerker, Zerker, and Shaman.

There are 5 phases to this event. To start off this mission you will need to talk to Lcea Katta and say "Start" from there the NPC's will move up towards the stage and the 1st set of mobs will become active.

Make sure the group has levitate on for this event cause during the meteor phase they might get hit and flung outside the boundaries of the event and die.

Phase 1:
3 Soliders become active and run towards you. Balance them down and try to kill them at the same time. During this most the other phases I use the switchnow command (/bcg //switchnow) to get my other toons to switch to the other mobs. Also as a note the NPC's will pull agro and do damage, be prepared for this because they might kill a mob you were not wanting to die yet. The next wave will start when the 2nd of the 3 mobs dies.

Phase 2:
2 Lifestealers will spawn on you. If you do not kill them fast enough there will be a viral silence that will go out and could make things difficult. For this phase I personally don't worry about balancing and just kill 1 then the other. As you can see in the video the next wave starts when the 1st dies. Then I switch over and kill the other Lifestealer with the next wave already coming in.

Phase 3:
3 Veterans become active and charge towards you. This is the most important phase to actually balance down and kill at the same time. Also during this phase the meteor mechanic becomes active. The Soliders from the 1st phase will drop shields that can be clicked to protect you and the group from meteors. You will need to click the shield in the center of the meteor to block it, do not click it just on your group, that wont do any good for you. I normally just eat the meteor and don't worry about trying to block it most times. After this phase 2 Soulfeasters become active and summon Chokidai dogs.

Phase 4:
2 Soulfeasters become active and summon Chokidai pets and charge towards the group (I've done this mission many times where the Soulfeasters bug and wont come down off the stage but will continue to summon Chokidai). This is the part you want to burn, kill the soulfeasters as fast as possible to minimize how many Chokidai pets they summon. No need to balance this phase. After the Soulfeasters are dead then work on killing the Chokidai that they summoned. Be warned these are like all other Chokidai and will cast a memblur.

Phases 4.5:
The main boss will become active shortly after the Soulfeasters get in camp. For this just off tank him until the Soulfeasters and Chokidai are dead. He will cast Hammer Smash (rainbow looking aura around him) for this I just take the damage from this and heal up, if you want you can try to run him away from the rest of the group as it goes off and then back in to dps him. This phase can be very healing intensive with Hammer Smash going off and Meteors still happening. After you've killed the Warleader, this mission is pretty much over.

Phase 5:
This is the last and final phase of this mission, kill the Overking. As you can see in the video he runs right up to the VP entrance. If you try to follow him you'll die from the firewall, that is why I snared and pulled him out. If you are unable to do this, you can just range attack him down, he doesn't fight back. After he's killed the chest will spawn BUT make sure to loot the Tooth off his corpse for VP access quest.

Here are a few commands that I was using during this event:
/bcg //nav id ${Me.ID} You will need a mesh made of the zone for this to work, but this is how I'm having all my other toons "follow" me.

/bcg //switchnow This command I use very often to try to balance down the waves of mobs.
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