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RedGuides Launcher

Utility RedGuides Launcher 1.0.74

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  • fixed plugin install location for macroquest
  • mesh generator button now launches from the correct file location
  • other various background changes
  • MacroQuest and MacroQuest_Test are now the defaults on a new install. Legacy is still available at this time
  • Added support for running the MQ2 to MacroQuest Migrator from within the launcher
  • Fixed several issues related to launching eqbcs and the mesh updater
  • Other various bug fixes
  • The display issues some people were seeing should now be resolved.
  • Plugin support added for MacroQuest Next
  • Added MQNext as a server type
  • MQNext can now be downloaded and tracked through the Very Vanilla tab
  • Macros for MQNext are working
  • Plugin downloading for MQNext is not currently supported in the launcher.
  • The list of plugins and update/refresh buttons will no longer show erroneously when Test, Emu, or Beta are selected in the server selection dropdown
  • Crashes during application start should be fixed. This appears to have been caused by a failure to properly process the data files.
  • Crashes during the process of updating Very Vanilla should now be fixed. Certain applications in the MacroQuest2 folder can not be accessed by the launcher. This was causing the update process to crash. Warnings have been put in place to close said applications before proceeding and will persist until the applications are closed.
Fixed copy paste error for the MySEQ Maps latest version date.
Added support for MySEQ
  • Adjusted api calls to be compatible with new xf api