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RedGuides Launcher

Utility RedGuides Launcher 1.0.74

Download now:  Join us with Level 2 access or earn your way in with  RedCents.
once installed, how do i turn it on in game? been months since i have played????
you gotta loub it!
so easy to use even I can do it
very informative and easy to follow. thank you
Can't get the installer working Downloaded and installed as recommended and whenever I try and open it the patcher runs opens for a split second then closes cant click login or anything
If the launcher had worked before but is now crashing on startup, open file explorer and go to "%LocalAppData%\RedGuides" and delete the folder "ResourceManager"
At first I really did not like the patcher, as with all things that change in life many times our knee-jerk reaction is "I hate it change it back". One year later though, I can say that the patcher was a good addition and it gives everything a more modern feel
Perfect. Concise. Accurate and easy to follow.
Thank you everyone who have created this work. It makes life so much easier for the non technical gamer. This community has taken me from a single ok Necro always LFG to a never need help team play anytime I want.

Its addictive and fun to learn.

Thanks again and thanks in advance for all the new that will come in time.
This place is so fancy.
Great program! It really is a 'must' tool for your EQ-army!
This is awesome, but where is a list of what all is included when you download? iknoimdumb lol
Super piece of work! Saves a lot of time keeping up with the component pieces I like to use!
Just returned after an EQ break and was very pleased with this new launcher. Was up and running in no-time flat. Really appreciate the automatic mesh updater too. Keep up the great work.
I am Stupid and I was able to figure this out just from watching the videos. Thanks Redguides!!!
Absolutely fantastic!
I think everything was fine with the other launcher. I can't figure this out. None of my group macros work anymore it just takes the fun out of the game when it takes me forever to figure the new out.
You have it pointed at the wrong folder in your settings tab. This is a 10 second fix. If you need help, just ask
I had an issue installing it but it turned out it was all my fault.lol. I had a web browser set as my default then had restricted everything to not be able to use it to eliminate the windows opening after I closed out of EQ with my ftp accounts. Once I switched to Firefox I realized what I had done and made Firefox my default and it immediately worked like a charm.
I've been a redguides user for a while. I, as well as a lot of others, wanted an easy to use way to download the updates for MQ2 and have the ability to update some macros/plugins without having to navigate to each of their individual resources. The redguide launcher achieves that. It has the added benefit of not requiring I input my login and password and instead uses the browser to log me in.

Setup is pretty straight forward, just tell the launcher where you want it installed or where it is already installed at, and then you can update it every time without changing any settings. This has the added bonus of being able to update Test, Live, or EMU from the same launcher.

If I need a plugin, after I update I simply click on the plugins button on the left side. Then a list of plugins populate is I've purchased them or watched them. Simply hit download/update next to the one I want and it does it for me.

If I need a macro, I can click on the macro button on the left and repeat the same steps as I did for the plugin.

If anyone needs help with setup, asking someone for assistance is pretty easy to accomplish by going to the discussion thread and asking for assistance. New things can be intimidating. But I promise once you get this setup that you'll be able to use it every time without any problems.
I cancelled my subscription... Don't get it why you needed to change everything. As I am not such a pro, it already took me days to get the old version working, not going to do that again...
Alright, good luck. If you decide to come back, please contact someone for help as your issue can be fixed in under 30 seconds.