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RedGuides Launcher

Utility RedGuides Launcher 1.0.51

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Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server

What the heck is this thing?
A desktop app that manages software found on RedGuides, including: Very Vanilla MQ2, KissAssist, MQ2Nav, plugins, macros, and many other resources. It handles all EverQuest server-types: Live, Test, and Emu.

Guide for new users:
skip to 1:07

Guide for existing users:

  1. Download and run the installer. (we recommend the default location)
  2. Login. Make sure your browser is open and logged in to RedGuides.com
  3. Click on the settings tab.
  4. Select a place to install Very Vanilla MQ2. If you already have it installed, select the location.
    1. Note: The location is the folder that MacroQuest2.exe will be in. For example if your MQ2.exe is in D:\RedGuides\Release, this is the folder you should choose.
  5. Once the folders are set, go to the Very Vanilla tab, select the appropriate server type in the dropdown (if you're not sure, choose Live) and click install.
  6. The launcher is now ready to manage your Very Vanilla folder(s)!

  • Plugins tab shows all plugins that are currently downloadable (you have appropriate access, and there is an actual file to be downloaded that is not an externally hosted file)
  • Macros require you to "Watch" the resource in the resource manager, like so:


Known Issues:
  • Closing the browser window during auth, without first completing the auth process, will require the application to be restarted before authentication can complete succesfully
  • If there are EQ clients running that have not been issued an /unload command, then the app will not be able to update DLLs that are currently injected into those processes. Even if MQ2 is closed these DLLs will still remain locked. Either close out of all EQ clients, or issue a /unload in each client before attempting the update.
  • Still missing some progress indicators on some of the longer running processes.
  • Settings and user data, including last installed date for Very Vanilla and Resources, are currently preserved through an uninstall and reinstall of the application. A future version of the installer will allow this data to be removed.
  • If the launcher had worked before but is now crashing on startup, open file explorer and go to %LocalAppData%\RedGuides and delete the folder ResourceManager
  • If you are unable to log in via your browser, you should get a dialogue box that looks like this:

    Paste the entire URL from the error web page into the box and click ok. This should allow the auth process to complete. You have to do this quickly (approximately 15 seconds). This isn't perfect but as of right now was the only workaround I could come up with.
Future Plans:
  • Add in support for managing 3rd party applications such as MySEQ
  • Add the ability to select and watch resources directly from within the app
  • Add the ability to rate or redcent resources from within the app
  • Embed an EQBCS module (if people actually want this)
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4.00 star(s) 16 ratings

Latest updates

  1. API Compatibility Fixes

    Adjusted api calls to be compatible with new xf api
  2. Logout button, Auth workaround, and new default MQ2 location

    Added a new logout link at the top, only visible if a user is logged in Set the recommended...
  3. Removed default MQ2 install directory

    The default directory was causing some permissions issues. Users will need to select a location...

Latest reviews

Thank you everyone who have created this work. It makes life so much easier for the non technical gamer. This community has taken me from a single ok Necro always LFG to a never need help team play anytime I want.

Its addictive and fun to learn.

Thanks again and thanks in advance for all the new that will come in time.
This place is so fancy.
Great program! It really is a 'must' tool for your EQ-army!
This is awesome, but where is a list of what all is included when you download? iknoimdumb lol
Super piece of work! Saves a lot of time keeping up with the component pieces I like to use!
Just returned after an EQ break and was very pleased with this new launcher. Was up and running in no-time flat. Really appreciate the automatic mesh updater too. Keep up the great work.
I am Stupid and I was able to figure this out just from watching the videos. Thanks Redguides!!!
Absolutely fantastic!
I think everything was fine with the other launcher. I can't figure this out. None of my group macros work anymore it just takes the fun out of the game when it takes me forever to figure the new out.
You have it pointed at the wrong folder in your settings tab. This is a 10 second fix. If you need help, just ask