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Utility Parcel.mac 1.0

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Done as part of a live stream at the request of Redqueen from discord.

/mac parcel

/senditems tradeskills playername
/senditems collectible playername

This was thrown together relatively quickly.

Includes an exclusion list.

Requires you input the name of the parcel vendor at the start of the macro, currently setup to use Caden Zharik by the small bank.
To change the name replace Caden Zharik's name in the .mac file with the name of the NPC you wish to use.
/declare vendor string outer "Caden Zharik"

To add an item to the exlusion list you must edit the value in the .mac currently shown as
/declare ExclusionList string outer "|Piece of Rat Fur|Bat Wing|"
Requires a | before and after the item
IE: if I wanted to add a water flask, I would put |Water Flask| inside the quotes at the end of the below line of code as shown.
/declare ExclusionList string outer "|Piece of Rat Fur|Bat Wing|Water Flask|"
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