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Multiboxing EverQuest: The Red Guide (videos)

Guide Multiboxing EverQuest: The Red Guide (videos)

I left for 6 months. The videos are a great refresher. Have you thought about making videos to advance from here?
I have, but I'm stuck on what topics an intermediate player should know. If we can figure that out, perhaps a collaboration with Sic for the next series.
thanks for the guide
Amazing, easy to follow and use to get going. If you follow what they say to the letter you will be up and running in no time. I found myself already (one hour into my first session) making changes and editing my INI files for all of my group.

Would give 6 stars, but only lets me give 5, Happy hunting
These got me up and running pretty fast. These were well done.
This guide gets you started with multi-boxing in as easy to understand steps.
Best of the Best
Back with the original MQ2 I was terrified to use it. This makes is so much less scary LOL. I actually think I understand whats a happened when looking at the ini. In 30 min to an hour you are up and hunting. I covers pretty much all of the basics. VERY nice. Thank you.
Great introduction to MQ2 - was very easy to get started using these videos. Thanks!
im not a noob with computers but followed the videos for past 24 hrs and still cant get main leader mage and pet to target mob and attack with spells and have rest of group do the same
this is bad not easy
Hey smeedd, is there a certain part you found difficult? Let me know so I can work on making it better