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Combat Assist MuleAssist 14.4.0

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Other Authors
Maskoi, ctaylor22, other KissAssist contributors
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server

2018 ESA Winner
This macro is included in Very Vanilla. It is named MuleAssist.mac

This is my version of the KissAssist macro based on Kissassist 10.0.4
I recommend using http://winmerge.org/downloads/ if you are interested in seeing a side by side compare between this mod and official 10.0.4 (or your own mods).


  • made sure MeleeHit is not used if undeclared.

  • Ok so this version has all the fixes needed to run with the new mq2.
  • In addition it also have a new nice ini section called [OhShit]
    Basically the OhShit section is checked while its doing other stuff and if a condition is met it will STOP WHATEVER else its doing, casting, etc, and just execute this section.
    Example usage:
    Rich (BB code):
    OhShit1=Historian's Intervention|${MainAssistID}
    OhShitCond1=${Me.SpellReady[Historian's Intervention]} && ${Spawn[${MainAssistID}].ID} && ${Spawn[${MainAssistID}].PctHPs} <= 35
    so in the above example, if your shaman is casting a dot or a nuke or even a heal, and its in progress and suddenly he realizes, shit! the mainassist is below 35%, it will do a stopcast and then just cast Historian's Intervention on ${MainAssistID}

  • I fixed heal conditions so you can now do stuff like this:
    Rich (BB code):
    Heals1=Ferocious Growth|100|buff!=Ferocious Growth
    HealsCond1=${TheHealID}==${MainAssistID} && ${CombatStart}
    HealsCond2=${TheHealID}==${MainAssistID} && ${CombatStart}
    Heals3=Krasir's Recourse
    in the above example you are telling kiss that it should cast Ferocious Growth on the MainAssist IF his HP is less than or equal to 100% AND he does NOT have the buff Ferocious Growth
    on him already AND we are fighting something.

    NOTE that "${TheHealID}" is an actual declared variable I added in the heal subs so we can refer to it in conditions. it represent whoever the heals sub is checking so don't change that, just use it.

Version 1.5 has so many fixes I won't list them all here.
Head over to https://www.redguides.com/community...server-bind-fix-Macros-will-break-please-test!

To pick up a copy of it and get ready to get your minds blown.
Try out the new /halfmoon 30 command!

  • Added /halfmoon command for a nice quick group formation.
    This is cool, you just do /halfmoon 2 20 on the char you drive with and everyone else in the group will move into a halfcircle formation around you with a initial gap of 2 and a radius of 20
    Or just do /halfmoon 0 20 for the default with no gap.
    Once you try it out you will understand what "gap" does.
    MQ2Nav and a valid mesh as well as mq2eqbc loaded is needed for this to work.

  • Fixed the annoying sit/stand/sit/stand bug...

  • UseCalm and CalmWith added to the [Pull] Section so that feature will actually work now... sorry...
    Note that this feature is for ae type calm spells, if you put a single target calm spell in there, your mileage may vary since it will only cast it on the mob closest to who you are about to pull.

  • ActNatural (tm) pulling.
    I added ActNatural=1 to the [Pull] section, it is on by default because well, I think it's awesome.
    Basically it will do the little "pulldance" everyone does that pulls manually when returning to camp, (turn right or left slightly then step back or forward a feet or so while "kinda" facing the mob) the "dance" is a bit random as well, so even if watched, there is no pattern to it. I think it looks very good!

  • ScatterOn has been renamed to just Scatter.
    It's now the distance you want to random on.
    So Scatter=0 means don't Scatter and Scatter=10 would mean random within a radius of 10 feet.

  • I added a setting for PullNamedsFirst=0 to the [Pull] section which means it's off by default.

  • I added a setting for MoveCloserIfNoLOS=0 to the [General] section, which means it's off by default.
    If you set it to 1, it will move your assisting chars closer to mobs when they don't have line of sight.
    Note that this feature only works if you have mq2nav and a valid mesh loaded.

Old Changes:
  • No mobs will be targeted until the puller gets close enough to actually be able to.
    Reason: to make pulling look human. A manual puller will first run to the mob then target it.

  • Nameds will be pulled first if they are in your MobsToPull list and within range.
    Reason: There is nothing more annoying than seing a Named you are after up right next to your camp, and then the puller goes after some trash instead cause it's a tiny bit closer to the camp than the Named.

  • /switch has been renamed to /switchnow so it doesn't interfere with the /switchchar command from autologin.

  • Added CheckForMemblurredMobsInCamp=0 to the INI's Pull Section.
    The reason: I dont want anyone to mess around with mobs in camp.
    I am of the opinion that if there are mobs in camp that are memblurred
    they will eventually be picked up by the assigned puller anyway when and if it's appropriate.

  • WinTitle now has a ini setting.
    The reason: I am of the opinion that a macro should never mess with the wintitle unless the user specifies it.
    (people have config files for setting the wintitle)
    Rich (BB code):
    TheWinTitle=${Me.Name}.${EverQuest.Server} (Lvl:${Me.Level} ${Me.Class}) ${Zone.Name} ${Me.Instance} [${EverQuest.PID}/${EverQuest.PID.Hex}]
  • Added UseCalm and CalmWith to the pull section.
    Usage Example:
    (druid is puller)
    Rich (BB code):
    The reason: Well... I sometimes like my druid to pull in situations where I can't handle multiple mobs.
    She will cast harmony on the mob standing next to the mob she will pull.
    This works fairly well, I have tested it on ragefire in Everfrost on the orcs and in lake rathe on the gnolls.
    "Easymode" single pulls even when there are like 5-6 mobs standing around that would otherwise aggro.

  • Mounts will NEVER be attempted to be summoned indoors again.

  • Lookforward... ok well I dont know, but NOONE ever in the history of playing eq has been able to EXACTLY
    face the EXACT same heading time after time, so I added a random to this.
    Now this is work in progress, i want it to "kinda" face the mob thats incomming, but not "perfectly"
    I'll mess some more with it, for now it is what it is.

  • I added some /echo to let me know when /nav stop is called.
    The Reason: well sometimes it runs out to pull a mob and then just returns without any good reason.
    I want to figure out which /nav stop it is that does it so I can fix this anoyance.

  • Removed *.90 from MaxRadius everywhere, cause when I specify that MaxRadius is 200, I want it to actually pull all mobs within a 200 radius, not 180.
    (If I wanted 180 I would have specified that)

  • ScatterOn will now only work in outdoor zones, In indoor zones, its "usually" NOT a good idea to scatter
    because, well, there isn't room enough to do it and if you are camping next to a wall or an object, you will
    eventually end up in a situation where the scatterloc is inside the wall or the object.
    I am inclined to change this to an ini setting in an upcomming patch, but I want to see
    what people think first.

  • The puller will no longer recast a pullspell if its resisted.
    I suspect this was not intended, cause if you are the puller and your pullspell is resisted, the mob will
    come after you anyway, and then you should just run, not try to land it again... (and die cause the mob hits you for insane amounts of damage)

  • Memming spells is a pita for some spells that take long times to mem.
    I have added a /echo to show how much time is spent on this so we can properly figure out how
    to handle this better. For now its just information, but I suspect it will lead to good things.

  • Hardcoded /delay's are of the Devil and should die.
    I started to replace a few with a call to WaitCast instead.
    There are more and I Will do them as I see them until this pest is completely eradicated from kiss.

  • The CheckForAdds function has been changed to NEVER EVER check for adds if there are NO mobs on XTarget.
    The Reason: I am of the opinion, that the puller or the pullertank
    are the only roles which has ANY buisness at all engaging mobs
    and by that logic, their job is NOT to pull mobs that
    are NOT in the pullerlist, no matter if they are 1 feet away or 1000 feet away.
    Now, I fight in zones with lots of NON agro mobs within my campradius.
    Example: In Scorched Woods, if you want to kill The Ore-mad Prophet there are like a million burynai
    within 50 feet of you and there is absolutely NO good reason to drag them into the fight when they
    are NOT on the list of mobs I want to pull.

  • Added feature for assisting chars to move closer to mobs if they cant see them.
    NOTE: this only works IF you have a navmesh loaded.
    The reason: I wanted my enchanter to be able to mezz mobs that are within range of him but he cant see them
    Same thing for wizards, My wiz was behind a stone or a tree but within 50 feet of the mob and would not cast.
    Now he smootly walks up to the mob and starts nuking it.
    In a future update, I should probably make this an inisetting. For now its just on always...
    I consider this feature beta atm.

  • Added SmartMerc (tm)
    This will automatically switch your wizard merces stance between Balanced and Burn when appropriate.

  • Added MobsToPullSecondary to the Kissassist_info.ini
    Usage: in some camps it can be useful to have a secondary list of mobs that
    are valid for pull, but we only want to pull them if there are no mobs found from the MobsToPull list.

  • All /face fast has been changed to just /face
    The reason: there is no good reason to ever use /face fast, it looks "bottish" and
    a player that plays the game manually cant do it, so neither should we.
    If you feel your kissassisted toon cant perform without using /face fast
    please pm me the scenario and lets discuss workarounds.

  • All /stick 13 has been changed to stick 8 to take running mobs into account
    kiss was to slow to ever catch up and hit a fleeing mob when it was set to stick 13 from it,
    but at 8 it will.

  • Added Bandolier Support for switching weapons based on conditions.
    NOTE: Bandolier is checked during combat. It would be trivial to add support for checking it during downtime as well if anyone really need that let me know.
    Usage Example:

    Create 2 bandolier sets, one named 1HB and another named 1HBMalo.
    Rich (BB code):
    BandolierCond1=${Me.Inventory[13].Name.NotEqual[Darkened Ebon Mace]} && ${Target.Maloed.ID}
    BandolierCond2=${Me.Inventory[13].Name.NotEqual[Darkened Journeyman's Walking Stick]} && !${Target.Maloed.ID}
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Latest updates

  1. sit fixes

    this fixes issues with sitting
  2. buff fixes

    More buff fixes
  3. two small fixes

    Fixed some issues with GoM, will now read your kissassist_info & kissassist_buff ini's.