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Utility Scribe.mac 7-3-2021

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Sym, plure, Chatwiththisname, gSe7eN, Lemons
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This macro will scribe every spell/tome in your inventory that it is able to. Great for pl'd toons or just when you don't want to find which tomes you are missing or click and mem the 5 or 8 spells you got for your level. It will click yes when scribing rk. ii and rk. iii spells over top of existing ones also.

Any issues let me know.

Edit: Updated code. No longer need to edit to set number of inventory slots. Also now it will buy all available spells from current open merchant window before scribing.
Edit: Added support for melee tomes, and updated code to not buy deity specific spells you can't scribe.
Edit: Now supports level range for buying items, and won't buy rk. i items if you already have a rk.ii/iii.
Edit: It will now loop and keep buying/scribing if you run out of inventory space before you run out of spells to buy.
Edit: Now handles spells/tomes in top level inventory slots, and will use specified slot if you don't have VoA
Change HasVoA to 0 if you don't have VoA and set InvScribeSlot to the slot to use as the right click spot (defaults to 1st inv slot). This is where it will place tomes to right click them
Also fixed duplicate tome buying and sped up spell/tome memorization loops
Edit: Autodetection of HasVoA
Edit: Now uses right clicking scrolls to scribe
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