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MQ2Vendors is a plugin that lets you setup a search list of items that you want to be notified about if they popup on a vendor that your browsing. Notification happens in the MQ2 chat window and also by adding <<<< >>>> around the vendors name in the MerchantWnd.

You can add/remove/list items on the search list. Passing an item link is valid too. The link information is stripped off before it is saved to the search list. (Search list is global for all characters).

You can add/remove item numbers to the search list to.

The ability to save a vendors default item list is also available. "/vendor savevendors" to enable or "/vendor nosavevendors" to disable. the default is disabled.

a TLO (Vendor) is available too if you want to check if the vendor your browsing has any items your searching for. At present the only valid members are: Version, HasItems and Items. Items is just a stub and does not work yet.

/vendordebug Toggles outputting additional debugging information to help you resolve any issues.
/vendor <savevendors> Enables saving vendor base items.
/vendor <nosavevendors> Disables saving vendor base items.
/vendor <list> Lists the current items being watched for.
/vendor <found> Lists items found on the current merchant from your list.
/vendor <add> <string> Adds parameter to the search list. <string> can be an item link, MQ2Vendors will remove the extra link data before saving the item name.
/vendor <remove> <string> Removes parameter from the search list. <string> can be an item link, MQ2Vendors will remove the extra link data before saving the item name.

TLO Members: Vendor
Version - The plugin version.
HasItems - Whether the vendor has any items you are looking for.
Items[x] - The name of a particular item (see examples).
Count - The number of items the vendor has that you are searching for.

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Latest updates

  1. Resurrected

    Fixed /vendor savevendors and /vendor nosavevendors to stop