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Trade / Skill MQ2TSTrophy 3.1

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Other Authors
ChatWithThisName, dannuic, Knightly
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Test Server
MQ2TSTrophy - a Tradeskill utility plugin that will autoswap your tradeskill trophies anytime you open an environmental tradeskill container.

First release
Last update
0.00 star(s) 0 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Major Rewrite

    We will no longer swap a trophy into ammo if you ALREADY have it equipped in another slot...
  2. temp updates

    Updating recent update to ensure we are 0-ing out the CONTENTS* when we're doing...
  3. fishing pole

    Adding the "Collapsible Fishing Pole" to the list of used items for Fishing