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Unmaintained MQ2Targets 1.0

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MQ2Targets - Spawn Tracker with optional notify and run-time modifiable HUD display. Can track specific targets or all targets matching certain criteria (all npc clerics level 53-55 closer than range 100 for example). Uses same syntax as the /where command.

/watch [add|[remove|delete]|notify target|n] [loc]locname

    • [show n] [x|y n] [increment n]

  • /watch [sound [list|id|stop|[id target]]]
    /watch [hud refresh|[HUDString|&clr|&dst|&arr]]

    /watch add paladin pc range 65 70
    Show all Player character paladins between level 65 and 70 in current zone

    /watch add guild
    Show everyone in your guild in current zone

    /watch add damlin lingering npc
    Show when damlin in CoA pops (but not his corpse)

    /watch remove damlin lingering npc
    Remove damlin from HUD tracking

    /watch list
    Lists the current targets being watched for in current zone

    /watch show 10
    Change the HUD display to track the 10 nearest targets

    /watch x 200
    Display the leftmost edge of the HUD list at screen x position 200

    /watch y 50
    Display the topmost edge of the HUD list at screen y position 50

    /watch increment 20
    Change the spacing between spawns in the HUD to 20 pixels

    /watch notify hanvar
    Pop up message if Hanvar spawns/despawns

    /watch remove 2
    Removes search spawn criteria string #2 according to /watch list

    /watch sound id 5 spawn.mp3
    Assigns sound#5 to spawn.mp3

    /watch sound 5 keldovan npc
    Plays sound#5 (spawn.mp3) when keldovan spawns
    All sounds must be in plugin folder

    /watch showtarget
    Toggle showing of the current target in the middle of the HUD. Useful for when it's in the way
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