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This command is added by MQ2Targets

Syntax Key
Notation Description
Text without brackets or braces Required items
<Text inside angle brackets> Placeholder for which you must supply a value
[Text inside square brackets] Optional items
Vertical bar (|) Separator for mutually exclusive items; choose one
{Text | inside | braces} Set of required items; choose one
Ellipsis () Items that can be repeated
Syntax /watch [add|delete|notify target|n] [loc] <locname>
Description Modify configurations for MQ2Targets, from targets that appear on the HUD to sounds that are played when triggered, and everything in between.


Option Description
help displays a helpful list of commands.
add ["<spawn search>"] [notify] [sound <#>] [nohud] [priority <#>] [/all] Using add by itself will add your current target to the watch list.

When specifying a Spawn_search string it's best enclosed in quotes, e.g. "npc loc 100 55 radius 30 kobold".

notify controls the popup window upon detection.

sound <#> specifies the sound # to play upon detection.

nohud doesn't show the spawn in the hud, but keeps it available for the TLO:Targ.

priority <#> assigns priority for the spawn, useful for the TLO.

/all adds the entry to the [all] zones section.
{delete|remove} ["<spawn search>"] [<index #>] [/all] delete|remove with no options will remove your current target from the watch list.
list Will show all entries in the watch list.
timestamp Toggles the timestamp option.
mq2chat Enables or disables output to MQ2ChatWnd
all enables or disables using the [all] option in the config file. If disabled, only entries in labeled for specific zones will be used.
debug additional output useful for bug tracking
limit <#>
{x|y} <loc> sets the display coordinates of the HUD on your screen. In pixels, 0 being top/left
increment <#> Sets spacing (in pixels) between entries in the HUD
popuptest <color>
color [hud|guild|dead|target|chatadd|chatrem] <RGB> | [popupdadd|popuprem] [<color name>] Sets the color for the indicated option. RGB colors use web hex colors, and color name are normal names (e.g. blue).
font <#> Change font size
show|hide Toggle showing MQ2Targets HUD elements
hudstring [reload|show|<string>|&clr|&dst|&arr] Modifies the display format for the HUD entries. e.g.

/watch hudstring ${Target.CleanName} ${Target.Level}${Target.Class.ShortName} ${Target.Distance}&arr

Displays: Bobby 75CLR 30.23

Uses MQ2HUD syntax.
notifyhudstring [reload|show|<string>|&clr|&dst|&arr] Uses MQ2HUD syntax.
notifychatstring [reload|show|<string>|&clr|&dst|&arr] Uses MQ2HUD syntax.
verbose Toggles verbose mode
concolor toggles mob con color mode on or off
bg toggles updates in background. Keep off for improved performance.
sorttype <type> Changes the sort type of the spawn tracking array. Valid options: priority distance level name none
sortorder <order> Changes the order of the spawn tracking array. Valid options: normal reverse
hudsorttype <type> Changes the sort type of the hud sort type. Valid options: priority distance level name none
hudsortorder <order> Changes the sort order of the hud. Valid options: normal reverse
sound [ list | stop | id <#> <filename>] Add a sound to the config. Example,

/watch sound id 5 shamanspawn.mp3

assigns sound#5 to shamanspawn.mp3. Remember that sound files must be in your resources folder.
timeformat [reload|show|<string>] Changes the format of the timestamp. e.g. [%H:%M:%S]


/watch add paladin pc range 65 70 Show all Player character paladins between level 65 and 70 in current zone

/watch add guild Show everyone in your guild in current zone

/watch add damlin lingering npc Show when damlin in CoA pops (but not his corpse)

/watch remove damlin lingering npc Remove damlin from HUD tracking

/watch list Lists the current targets being watched for in current zone

/watch show 10 Change the HUD display to track the 10 nearest targets

/watch x 200 Display the leftmost edge of the HUD list at screen x position 200

/watch y 50 Display the topmost edge of the HUD list at screen y position 50

/watch increment 20 Change the spacing between spawns in the HUD to 20 pixels

/watch notify hanvar Pop up message if Hanvar spawns/despawns

/watch remove 2 Removes search spawn criteria string #2 according to /watch list

/watch sound id 5 spawn.mp3 Assigns sound#5 to spawn.mp3

/watch sound 5 keldovan npc Plays sound#5 (spawn.mp3) when keldovan spawns

All sound files must be in the resources folder

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