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Combat Assist MQ2Shaman 2021-02-24

Could there be any other rating????
Love this plug-in. Worth every penny (and more but don't tell CWTN that)!
Damn thing out heals everyone!
I have been testing MQ2Shaman since it was beta released and have been happy the whole time. The plugin is great - the updates and support are always great - worth every penny to up your EQ experience IMHO.
Love mq2shaman, has so many options! Ranging from full healer mode to hybrid or dps - it covers all bases. It's super easy to adjust some specifics in the ui window to your liking - such as if you will slow, malo etc. Gives you the ability to tailor things to your liking which is awesome! Easy 10/10 plugin. Super well done and thanks for your superb efforts giving us suck kickass plugins to use!
as usual perfect work from CWTN. My shm turned into a Beast! Thank you
MQ2Shaman was my gateway drug to the CWTN Plugins. After having the ability to beta this plugin and see how well it worked with my Shaman, I moved the rest of my dudes over to running them. Happy to support you guys and your effort to maintain the current collection and build new ones for the remaining classes!
I've been using this plugin for months now during trials, also use several other CWTN plugins, absolutely amazing, and I have learned a ton about classes like zerker and shaman that I didn't know before since i really didn't play them. 100% back these plugins! I can't wait to see more roll out!!
I'd like to thank you guys for the work on this plugin.

I am relatively new to MQ2 and had been treating my Shaman as a buff/slow/heal bot, but I didn't have a very good idea how to get the most out of him. This was my first time using one of the CWTN plugins, and its tremendous. After watching what my Shaman was doing using the plugin I've actually learned how to better play the class. I purchased it to support, and will likely look into another CWTN class plugin after my experience with this one.

PS, the videos that Sic does to accompany the plugins are absolutely worth watching. Seeing things in action and then firing up the plugin really does leave you up and running out of the box, with a very easy interface for understanding.
been running it through its beta courses and now that it is live you have my money keep up the great work cant wait to see the next batch of plugins
Fooking great!! I've had 0 issues with it and would recomend!
Works perfectly, lifes soo much easier
this plugin is a healing beast!
MQ2Shaman replaced by healer merc and does a 100% better job... Will be purchasing this when available
Just incredible, I could not say enough.
Absolutely Love it!
Very good in my group, BUT I find that if I don't constantly tab over to him he will sometimes get stuck medding a spell and wont come out of spell book, thus not healing or doing anything until I manually bring him out of spell book, would look into this...
Loving it so far. Great work.
Another outstanding build that I look forward to compensating you for.
Completely change my opinion on Shaman healers. Amazing plugin, seriously. Worth every penny.