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Utility MQ2Rez 3.5

Add Rez datatype. ${Rez.Accept} ${Rez.Percent} ${Rez.Pct} ${Rez.SafeMode} ${Rez.Voice} ${Rez.Release}
-Will now Anonymize the name of the person rezing you if "/caption anon on" is active.
-Add ReleaseToBind toggle using /rez Release. 0/1/on/off as options. Allows immediate release to bind. Will still accept rez's. Accept must be on!
  • Complete rewrite
  • loses /rez delay
  • fixes Safe Mode
  • Fixes voice notify
  • now reports who you accepted the rez from and the percentage
  • adds color to outputs
  • adds /rez settings -> outputs current settings.
- Fixed MQ2Rez spam (yes really this time)
- MQ2Rez will now wait 1/10 of a second before clicking rez.
- Added /rez delay #### parameter where #### is milliseconds.
default is 100 milliseconds.
Added missing command to be executed when you got rezzed! removed rezz sickness check