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Utility MQ2RelayTells 2020-01-15

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Other Authors
Sadge, brainiac
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
A plugin that will relay any incoming tell a character receives to a chat channel you specify (default /bc for EQBC). You can relay tells to either an email account or text message using the BLAT win32 command line email utility. You can also filter out messages you don't wish to relay using settings in the INI file.

Rich (BB code):
/relayhelp - Displays current settings and other command info.
/relaymailhelkp - Displays current mail relay settings.
/relayload Reloads - the INI file settings.
/relaycustom <text> - Adds <text> to the custom filter section of the INI file and will not relay any tells that include <text>.
Ini file settings
Rich (BB code):
ChatChannel: Defines what channel to relay tells to.
ChannelMessage: Custom message given when relaying tells.
RelayTellsInGame: Toggles if you wish to relay the tells in game or not.
RelayAFKMessage: Toggles the relay of the auto-AFK responses from tells.
RelayTraderTells: Toggles the relay of trader tells.
RelayPetTells: Toggles the relaying of any pet tells.
RelayPetAttack: Toggles the relaying of pet attack messages.
RelayPetSuspend: Toggles the relaying of pet suspend messages.
RelayPetMezzed: Toggles the relaying "Cannot wake" pet messages.
RelayNPCTells: Toggles the relaying of NPC tells
RelayToMail: Toggles the relaying of tells to email.text messages (using blat program).
EmailTo: Destination address for the relayed tell mail.
EmailFrom: Custom address for the sender of the relayed tell mail.
MailSubject: Custom subject for the relayed tell mail.
MailServer: Your smtp server used for sending the mail.
MailUserName: Your email user name.
MailPassword: Your email password.
Ini file example
Rich (BB code):
ChannelMessage= sent ${Me} a tell that said:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Subject=Tell Received
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