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Unmaintained MQ2Radar

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ChatWithThisName, eqmule, Odessa
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

This plugin displays a radar onscreen like many other games (except for EQ) do. Radar is a circle where you can see all the spawns within a given view radius, well I'm sure once you see it you will understand. So just do /plugin mq2radar and see for yourself.

These are the commands:

/radar center x y
This move the radar to x y on the screen (so 100 100 will move radar's center to a point 100,100 on your screen) NO COMMA between x and y

/radar view z
This changes field of view to z EQ feet (so 100 would make radar 100 feet in radius)

/radar scale z
This changes radar scale, you can make it larger or smaller (1 is the default size, if you want to make radar double the size do /radar scale 2, if you want it 75% of the size do /radar scale 0.75 and so on)

/radar zoom z
This zooms in/out on your field of view (for example if your /radar view is 100 and you do /radar zoom 2 then your field of view will change to 200 but the size of radar will not change)

/radar zdepth z
This specifies how 'deep' to show spawns, so if z=20 (default) then anything within 20 feet from you on Z-axis will be shown.

/radar alertspeed z
Accent spawn on radar if it exceeds speed z. EQ speeds are a floating point number, regular running with no AA is something like 0.75 and it goes up from there. This is useful to check for aggro, helps when pulling and such.

/radar mode 0/1
Mode 0 is the default mode of radar where you are always facing up and radar rotates around you, mode 1 makes radar 'static' (it doesn't rotate anymore) just like regular EQ map.

/radar names on/off
This will either show all the spawn names on radar or turn them off

/radar map on/off
This enables or disables the map on radar

/radar layer 0-3
Changes the layer used to render the map.

/radar targetline on/off
This turns on and off the line to the target, helps with keeping track of your target at all times

/radar delay z
This specifies how often to update the radar, by default it is 1 so radar is updated every Pulse, if you want to update it every 10 pulses use /rdelay 10, on VERY slow machines this could improve FPS but in general it should have no big effect on it.

/radar spawnsize on/off (z)
By default all spawns on the map are drawn the same size. If you want to see relative sizes you should /radar spawnsize on. For example if you see a giant on radar it will have a much larger spawn triangle than your character. By default you don't need second parameter z, if you omit it then size of your character is assumed to be the base and everything else is scaled relative to that size. If you want some arbitrary size to be base then do something like this /radar spawnsize on 4.375 (that's the default height of Vah Shir's) and everything will be scaled based on 4.375 as height.

/radar filter PC/NPC on/off
Turns PCs and/or NPCs on or off on radar

/radar save
This will save your current setup to INI file
There is an INI file created upon first run of plugin or upon /rsave
INI is PER character with a name like MQ2Radar_charname.ini
Here's an example of what's inside, should be self explanatory since I described the commands that change these values.

/radar reload
Reloads your saved ini file.

/radar options
Shows all the settings for radar.


Radar shows PCs in the same color, NPCs by con color, and ground spawns in the same color. The farther away on Z axis (up/down) the spawn is from you the more see-through it will look on radar. So deep red will mean the spawn is within a close distance, a barely visible radar spawn tells you that the spawn is far up or down from you.
You can also mouse-over a spawn and you will see its name (if /rname is on then you see names all the time). You can also click on a radar spawn to target it. There is a trick here. Radar is on top of EQ so if there is something targetable BEHIND the radar and you click on radar that object behind will be targeted, so think of it as radar is completely 'click through'. If you still want to target something on radar and not what's behind it then hold the mouse button for a bit, that way radar knows that you want to select something on it and not something behind it (now you can also click LCTRL and that will disable clicktrhough). You can also zoom in and out with a mouse wheel, just move your mouse over radar and hold LCTRL and use the wheel. F11 hides/shows radar.

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