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Utility MQ2NetBots

Other Authors
s0rCieR, Deadchicken, Kroak, mijuki, woobs, eqmule, SwiftyMuse
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Wiki Manual
MQ2NetBots - Provides Linked MQ2EQBC Client way to exchange/share statistics/status to others and make those informations available in TLO for macro scripters and HUD designers.

Rich (BB code):
/netbots on/off
/netbots grab=on/off
/netbots send=on/off

grab: listen to others status on the network.
send: broadcast your status over the network.

Full commands
/netbots [on|off] [grab=on|off] [send=on|off]Turns netbots on or off, or the send/receive portions on or off.
/netnote <custom note>A custom setting to describe what your characters are doing.

TLOData Type(s)Description
NetBotsNetBotsReturns information about the client, but also holds a data type of the same name which is much more interesting.


Displays the duration remaining on the buff Samwell has in buff slot 4

/echo ${NetBots[Samwell].Duration[4]}
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[git] Automation options?
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  1. 01/05/2024

    〰️Commits Fix deprecation warning (55fd96c) ~brainiac
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