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Utility MQ2NetBots 3.0

Other Authors
s0rCieR, Deadchicken, Kroak, mijuki, woobs, eqmule, SwiftyMuse
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
Live, Emu, TLP, Test Server
MQ2NetBots - Provides Linked MQ2EQBC Client way to exchange/share statistics/status to others and make those informations available in TLO for macro scripters and HUD designers.

Rich (BB code):
/netbots on/off
/netbots grab=on/off
/netbots send=on/off

grab: listen to others status on the network.
send: broadcast your status over the network.

/netbots [ on | off ]

Turns MQ2NetBots functionality on or off

/netbots [ grab=on|off ]

Receive status updates from other MQ2NetBots-enabled clients connected to the same EQBCS server.

/netbots [ send=on|off ]

Broadcast status updates to the EQBCS server.

Top-Level Object: ${NetBots}
Type Form Description
netbots NetBots Returns information about your client
netbotsclient NetBots[Name] Returns broadcast information about Name

Data Types
Type Member Name Description
string Client Returns a list of client names currently broadcasting
int Counts Returns count of broadcasting clients connected
bool Enable Returns TRUE / FALSE based on plugin status
bool Listen Returns TRUE / FALSE based on grab parameter status
bool Output Returns TRUE / FALSE based on send parameter status
string To String TRUE

Type Member Name Description
string Name Name of Name
int Zone Zone ID of Name
int Instance Instance ID of Name
class Class Class of Name
int Level Level of Name
float PctExp Percent Experience of Name
float PctAAExp Percent AA Experience of Name
float PctGroupLeaderExp Percent Group Leader Experience of Name
int CurrentHPs Current Hitpoints of Name
int MaxHPs Total Hitpoints of Name
int PctHPs Current Hitpoints Percentage of Name
int CurrentEndurance Current Endurance of Name
int MaxEndurance Total Endurance of Name
int PctEndurance Current Endurance Percentage of Name
int CurrentMana Current Mana of Name
int MaxMana Total Mana of Name
int PctMana Current Mana Percentage of Name
int PetID Spawn ID of Name's pet
int PetHP Hitpoints of Name's pet
int TargetID Spawn ID of Name's target
int TargetHP Hitpoints of Name's target
spell Casting Spell Name is casting
string State

State of Name

bool Attacking Is Name attacking?
bool AFK Is Name AFK?
bool Binding Is Name kneeling?
bool Ducking Is Name ducking?
bool Feigning Is Name feigning?
bool Grouped Is Name in a group?
bool Invis Is Name invisible?
bool Levitating Is Name levitating?
bool LFG Is Name LFG?
bool Mounted Is Name on a mount?
bool Moving Is Name moving?
bool Raid Is Name in a raid?
bool Sitting Is Name sitting?
bool Standing Is Name standing?
int FreeBuffSlots Total free buff slots of Name
bool InZone Is Name in the same zone?
bool InGroup Is Name in the same group?
string Leader Name's group leader
int Updated Timestamp of last update from Name
string Gem All spells Name has memorized
spell Gem[#] Spell Name has in slot #
string Buff All buffs Name has
spell Buff[#] Buff Name has in buff slot #
string Duration Duration of all buffs Name has
int Duration[#] Duration of buff Name has in buff slot #
string ShortBuff All short buffs Name has
spell ShortBuff[#] ShortBuff Name has in buff slot #
string PetBuff All pet buffs Name's pet has
spell PetBuff[#] Pet buff Name's pet has in pet buff slot #
int TotalAA Total AA of Name
int UsedAA Total spent AA of Name
int UnusedAA Total unspent AA of Name
int CombatState Combat State of Name


Displays the duration remaining on the buff Samwell has in buff slot 4

/echo ${NetBots[Samwell].Duration[4]}
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Latest updates

  1. major fixes and rewrite

    changelog to come, thank you woobs for the work
  2. fixes by woobs

    Some stacking fixes for NetBots
  3. fixed for modbot

    (woobs, SwiftyMuse) included some changes to help modbot buff correctly