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Utility MQ2KissTemplate

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This plugin will make a copy of your current characters INI and save it as a new file only keeping the pertinent information for sharing.

It will also convert old conditions from KissAssist 10 to the new KissAssist 11+ format


Optional Parameters:
To convert .ini conditions from the new format to the old format (make kiss11 .ini's kiss10 & muleassist compatible):
/maketemplate old

To preserve the puller configuration:
/maketemplate pull

To emualte a class/level other than your own, use Class Short Name and Level:
/maketemplate WAR 105

You can use multiple modifiers at once in any order. e.g.
/maketemplate old pull SHD 85

If you want the custom level you must provide the class short name.

Output file is
IE: Kissassist_105_WAR.ini

You can then share the INI without a bunch of copy/pasting.
MQ2KissTemplate will upgrade to the new KA11 Conditions automatically.
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