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Utility MQ2HUDMove

Other Authors
ieatacid, brainiac, ChatWithThisName
Software Requirements
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

Wiki Manual
MQ2HudMove allows you to move HUDs or sections of HUDs easily.

HUDs can be moved to the location of the cursor, or up/down/left/right by the specified number of units.
Individual elements can be moved, or user-specified sections
HUD colors can also be changed to a number of preset colors.

/hudmove <name> <direction> <#> | [ list ] | <name> [delete]Works with the currently loaded HUD. Move or delete elements and sections within MQ2HUD.ini
/hudlistList all HUDs in the loaded HUD set and all sections in MQ2HUD.ini
/hudcolor list | <name> <color name>Lists preset colors, and will change HUD to any of the preset colors

/hudmove list
List all HUDs in the loaded HUD set and all sections in MQ2HUD.ini
Same as above
/hudcolor list
List preset colors
The following work with the currently loaded HUD
/hudmove <HUD name>
Move a single HUD
/hudmove <HUD name> delete
Delete a single HUD
/hudmove <HUD name> <up|down|left|right> <#>
Move a single HUD a specified number of units in whatever direction
/hudcolor <HUD name> <preset color name>
Change HUD to preset color (red, yellow, green, darkgreen, blue, lightblue, purple, lightgrey, darkgrey)
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