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Quest / Event MQ2Grind 2641

Other Authors
Software Requirements
MQ2Dannet (mandatory)
MQ2Nav (mandatory)
MQ2GroupInfo (optional)
MQ2AutoAccept (optional, helps with brute force adding group members to shared task)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test

Wiki Manual

2020, 2023 ESA Winner

  • This automates the group farming of XP within an instance for privacy while you are monitoring
  • This does not automate the completion of a group mission
  • Currently supports
    • 1720976819152.png
  • The 'driver' of the plugin, should be a tank type (PAL, SHD, WAR), you could /grind waiver otherwise
  • You must edit MQ2Grind.ini (/grind ui)
Redbot: Thank you for this incredible community, I love being a part of it!
MQ developers: Thank you guys for the coding help and hand slaps when I did something wrong!
Testing team: Thank you all for all the deaths you've encountered, all the level gains, and AA's that are now behind you. Thank you for the incredible way that you play the game which allowed us to figure out how to make this plugin better.
MaxD for the first view of instance flipping, thank you man!
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First release
Last update
4.97 star(s) 77 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Re-enabled Discord integration

    The Discord webhook integration is now available again.
  2. Disabled Discord integration temporarily

    The Discord webhook integration is currently disabled. This defect arose after the latest MQ...
  3. Discord integration issue

    I'm looking into the issue now. No additional reports are needed. -hytiek

Latest reviews

Amazing plugin. It let's me focus my time in game on quests and raids, leaving the aa grind to the bot. Hytiek has also been extremely responsive to issues, definitely worth the $50.
This is awesome, start it, walk away and it runs flawlessly. Had one outlier situation that a group member got caught on a rock formation. Other than that infinite thumbs up!!!
I'd written some back when instances first came out, but this is spectacular. Great plugin.
Awesome plugin, great for multitasking RL & watching it grind away the AAs
Can't say enough good things about this plugin. The dev is also very responsive. Thank you for this life changing plugin.
Amazing resource with continuous improvements from Hytiek. He is also very receptive to feedback. Highly recommend if you’re in era!
Hytiek spends a lot of time delivering the best user experience possible.

Grind is a "no-brainer". I use it for catching up toons, makes my life much easier; yours too!
Works flawlessly and is a huge time saver. Would recommend to everyone with 6+ chars.
incredibly easy to use, whenever im doing any research/management stuff i can just throw this on immediately - no more afk'ing in the guild hall
Superb! Easy to use, straight out of the gate, and runs flawlessly.