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Quest / Event MQ2Grind 1234

Software Requirements
MQ2Dannet (mandatory)
MQ2Nav (mandatory)
MQ2GroupInfo (optional)
MQ2AutoAccept (optional, helps with brute force adding group members to shared task)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test

Wiki Manual

2020 ESA Winner

  • This automates the group farming of XP within an instance for privacy while you are monitoring
  • This does not automate the completion of a group mission
  • Currently supports
    • 1674882839627.png
  • The 'driver' of the plugin, should be a tank type (PAL, SHD, WAR), you could /grind waiver otherwise
  • You must edit MQ2Grind.ini (/grind ui)
Redbot: Thank you for this incredible community, I love being a part of it!
MQ developers: Thank you guys for the coding help and hand slaps when I did something wrong!
Testing team: Thank you all for all the deaths you've encountered, all the level gains, and AA's that are now behind you. Thank you for the incredible way that you play the game which allowed us to figure out how to make this plugin better.
MaxD for the first view of instance flipping, thank you man!
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First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 59 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Happy St. Patty's day and a midnight bug fix

    03/17/2023 --- Bug fixed: /grind go now works again
  2. Added "WaitForGroupFullMana" and some other house keeping things

    03/03/2023 (avail once new Live and Test build finishes) --- Enhancements - Added...
  3. UX updates

    02/20/2023 --- Enhancements - Added error message when /grind resume is attempted while in a...

Latest reviews

Excellent plugin. Runs well. Easy to setup. I didn't even read the instructions. I was going to read the instructions but then I opened the UI and realized. I don't need them.
Got given a free trial by Hytiek around 11am, by 14:00 I'd asked for the trial to end and just bought it.

I work in multiple locations and being able to run this without fear of busybodies and safety of not encroaching other would totally recommend. Thanks for your help and guidance Hytiek.
I returned to EQ about 3 months ago after about 12 years away, I had 2 characters a Shadowknight and a Bard, I was leveling them kind of slowly with the help of mercs, about a month in I discovered this site :)

Since then I purchased all the plugins, I have 12 accounts, my 2 mains are 120 and have epic 2.0s and theyre are now helping level all others.

On my first day I saw this plugin and wanted to buy it but was worried
my tank wasnt good enough geared. I read that theres some 8 mob pulls and raid gear was required, anyway I finally decided to give it a try
and I am absolutely amazed how good this is, it probably helps that the MQ2SK plugin is a much better tank then I ever was, I ran with 2 healers at first but now just the shaman. I was wearing tier 1 tov armour and bazaar bought tier 1 gear (only on my tank) everyone else was conflag or worse.

Anyway if youre unsure about buying, seriously go for it, I grinded restless assault pretty much constanly 115-120 and now doing aas on my tank while everyone else catches up and we can move to ToL.
Can't believe I let the price deter me at first, and now I regret not doing it sooner. It's really easy to use, the UI and Sic's video will have you set-up and grinding in less than 10 minutes. No more stress being out in the open world.
I had my doubts, partially because there are so many great reviews, maybe they are screening the reviews? Now that I bit the bullet I understand why they are all 5 star. I wish I did it sooner. I'm honestly amazed at how well its working with me with so little set up.
Right out the box, ready to use. Recommend watching the video to make sure your classes are using what you have (i.e. Mq2Eskay for tank, kissassist for whatever classes are using it, etc.) Worth every penny!
Love this plugin.. Do wish there was a way to ensure the tank always lead the charge but other then that it is great for leveling :)
I created a new group on a new server SK,CLR,ENC,MAG,WIZ,NEC as heroics

Leveled them to 95 the old boring way grounds then valley then resplendent temple and doing a bunch of TBM missions in between that to get currency to gear up the tank. I used all the currency to get my tank the level 95 TBM armor and augs (no heroic stat augs just the regal soulstones of the sturdy. The casters only upgraded their required focus slots to TBM everything else still heroic gear.

GMM grind works great have used it levels 95 - 105 over the exp weekend while i've been watching it or watching it while I work from home and this macro works great!!! Even at 105 the SK is doing well in the level 95 TBM gear. It's much better than the GMM macro that I had made and I can only assume that the GD grind is going to work better than my GD macro =)
love it
I wont give it less than 5 stars (its that good), BUT due to the waypoint pathing you need to be slightly over-geared for instance runs. If your running with raid gear from the previous expansion this is perfect for you and you can stop reading just press the purchase button and watch Netflix.

If you are just coming back to the game like me and trying your hardest to augment out your tank gear, this will require a lot of attention in the early stages. Having a tight kit to maximize tanking like a well programed kissassist or one of the tank plug-in class functions Es2kay can help, but gear will be your main problem. The program will sometimes run you head long into mobs with some pulls being 4-8 mobs depending on the instance. Surviving the initial barrage is something you'll have to account for.

I suggest being close by to save your team during the early stage of grinding a new instance until you get the levels/AAs. You'll get frustrated that your character just agro'd 5-8 mobs instead of stopping and spell pulling like 30 feet back to get 1-2 mobs, but the program is worth every penny and I highly recommend it.
Thank you so much for such an informative review. I agree with most of what you said there, the reliance on raid gear from previous era I don't agree with based on personal experience in group gear. If I may add something to this (even as the author); one of the most important things is to ensure that your gear is up to date (don't go into ToL with Herioc gear); and also ensure that your combat utility (mac vs lua vs cwtn plugin) is configured correctly for the scenario you are entering.