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Quest / Event MQ2Grind 2021-01-16

Software Requirements
MQ2Dannet (mandatory)
MQ2Nav (mandatory)
MQ2AutoAccept (optional, helps with brute force adding group members to shared task)
Server Type
Live, Test Server
  • This automates the group farming of XP within an instance for privacy while you are monitoring and not sleeping or afk
  • This does not automate the completion of a group mission
  • Currently supports (more to come)
    • 1610135151898.png
    • Icebound Avatar and GMM will be available at the next VV build
  • The 'driver' of the plugin, must be a tank type (PAL, SHD, WAR), not a Pet Class - sorry!
  • You want to edit MQ2Grind.ini
Redbot: Thank you for this incredible community, I love being a part of it!
MQ2 authors: Thank you guys for the coding help and hand slaps when I did something wrong!
Testing team: Thank you all for all the deaths you've encountered, all the level gains, and AA's that are now behind you. Thank you for the incredible way that you play the game which allowed us to figure out how to make this plugin better.
MaxD for the first view of instance flipping, thank you man!
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 1/15/2021

    Happy New Year! Enhancements - Added instance support for Icebound Avatar and The Darkness...
  2. Moved from open beta to a paid resource

    MQ2Grind has been enhanced to now support the following missions, upon the next VV build:
  3. lots of fixes!

    Various fixes with pets, command recognition, LoS issues, and getting group into the instance.

Latest reviews

This is a terrific plugin. Huge potential, but already far worth the price. Hytiek is great at responding promptly to issues and making updates (as well as expanding the plugin).
This product is a 6 star if it had the option! AWESOME job with the paid version and the support hytiek!!!
Great Plugin!
This plugin is awesome. No worries about a camp or people bugging you. I love it!
Does what it says and does it well
What more could you ask for
Mq2grind is a beast! I'm addicted. Great job Hytiek
Great plugin, runs smooth and has tons of potential for future options.
I am loving this! and Hytiek has been very responsive and quick with answering any questions. I can't wait to watch this expand. Absolutely amazed by how good this is.
I tried MQ2Grind for the first time today and I loved it. Very well designed and makes grinding for AAs a breeze. Hytiek was amazingly helpful in guiding me on setting up my toons. Can't wait to buy the official plugin!
I was lucky enough to be able to watch this thing develop from the beginning. There was a serious amount of time and effort to bring this plugin to RG. It is absolutely the best method for grinding out aa's or even pwr lvling a newbie to your crew, all done in instanced content that is always available. No more worrying about people in your 'spot', or having someone come up on your group while mass killing! If you've got a decent group at 115 and need to grind out some aa's....give this a go. You will not be sorry you did!