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Quest / Event MQ2Grind 1969

Other Authors
Software Requirements
MQ2Dannet (mandatory)
MQ2Nav (mandatory)
MQ2GroupInfo (optional)
MQ2AutoAccept (optional, helps with brute force adding group members to shared task)
Server Type
🏢 Live Test

Wiki Manual

2020 ESA Winner

  • This automates the group farming of XP within an instance for privacy while you are monitoring
  • This does not automate the completion of a group mission
  • Currently supports
    • 1674882839627.png
  • The 'driver' of the plugin, should be a tank type (PAL, SHD, WAR), you could /grind waiver otherwise
  • You must edit MQ2Grind.ini (/grind ui)
Redbot: Thank you for this incredible community, I love being a part of it!
MQ developers: Thank you guys for the coding help and hand slaps when I did something wrong!
Testing team: Thank you all for all the deaths you've encountered, all the level gains, and AA's that are now behind you. Thank you for the incredible way that you play the game which allowed us to figure out how to make this plugin better.
MaxD for the first view of instance flipping, thank you man!
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First release
Last update
4.97 star(s) 68 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Replaced the broken ExitMode with a newer UseCampfire which seems to not fail.

    Deprecated - ExitMode configuration Added - Introduced UseCampfire (be sure to update your...
  2. Added some new toys and fixed a 2 year old bug for Volk

    07/14/2023 --- Enhancement - Added control buttons to `/grind ui` (see forum for more info) -...
  3. Removed UseRetort references

    03/31/2023 --- Enhancement - Removed `/clr UseRetort on` from the default settings. From the...

Latest reviews

Superb! Easy to use, straight out of the gate, and runs flawlessly.
Great Plugin, A+, a must have.
I love this. My toons can work while I work.
great product
Perfect, simply unbelievable.
First of i have to mention that Hytiek is amazing , always helpful and even gave me a longer trial period due to ISP issues.

MQ2Grind is simple wonderful once you ensure the gear is decent for the missions you are running, it took me no more than 20sec to config it (click click click) and then i were off!

There can be a few small things to adjust depending on your group setup etc. but overall it really worked well, even with my group i used that is no where geared.

So to sum it up this is one of those plugins i would recommend if you have the funds and plan on grinding without the hassle of people, while the wife is telling you about her day! 10 out of 10 beers consumed due the grind!
It does everything as expected ! What are the req's for the stratos mission? EQ wont let me do it or any of the other higher missions. 120 sk, 120 zerk, 115 bard, 112 beast, 115 mage , 115 bard
my sk zones in fine and drops task fine however my other toons do nothing and cannot figure out why hopefully i can get some support and did not waste $50 on this
This is not a problem of MQ2Grind, rather that one of the requirements were not loaded (MQ2Dannet) as the resource relies on that plugin for internal communication.
Great Plugin to have. Easy to understand even for a dummy like me
This is awesome. I have a group of 115 that were mostly auto granted AAs; SHD, CLR, ENC, NEC, MAG, WIZ, and they would end up dying randomly after an hour or two of runs. As my AA built up a little (~2k over auto grant) my group now has no deaths. Great for grinding out the AAs and lvls. Just make sure you set the proper class and tank configurations in the UI and its as simple as /grind start