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Utility MQ2AutoSize

Other Authors
dencelle, ieatacid, pms, eqmule, Psycotic
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server

Wiki Manual
MQ2AutoSize - Shrinks anyone in range down to minimum allowed size.
They will revert back to normal when they move out of range. These effects are CLIENT SIDE ONLY!
Rich (BB code):
Data is saved to MQ2AutoSize.ini

/autosize [on|off] | [option] [#]Handles autosize settings and status

// Usage:
// This plugin will automatically resize configured spawns to the specified
// size. You can configure it to only resize within a specific range and then
// resize back to normal when your distance moves out of that range.
// Current default range is set to 50 and may be changed via INI or cmd line
// NOTE: These effects are CLIENT SIDE ONLY!
// Commands:
// /autosize - Toggles zone-wide AutoSize on/off
// /autosize dist - Toggles distance-based AutoSize on/off
// /autosize pc - Toggles AutoSize PC spawn types
// /autosize npc - Toggles AutoSize NPC spawn types
// /autosize pets - Toggles AutoSize pet spawn types
// /autosize mercs - Toggles AutoSize mercenary spawn types
// /autosize mounts - Toggles AutoSize mounted player spawn types
// /autosize corpse - Toggles AutoSize corpse spawn types
// /autosize target - Resizes your target to sizetarget size
// /autosize everything - Toggles AutoSize all spawn types
// /autosize self - Toggles AutoSize for your character
// /autosize range # - Sets range for distance-based AutoSize
// (Valid sizes 1 to 250)
// /autosize size # - Sets default size for "everything"
// /autosize sizepc # - Sets size for PC spawn types
// /autosize sizenpc # - Sets size for NPC spawn types
// /autosize sizepets # - Sets size for pet spawn types
// /autosize sizetarget # - Sets size for target parameter
// /autosize sizemercs # - Sets size for mercenary spawn types
// /autosize sizemounts # - Sets size for mounted player spawn types
// /autosize sizecorpse # - Sets size for corpse spawn types
// /autosize sizeself # - Sets size for your character
// /autosize status - Display current plugin settings to chatwnd
// /autosize help - Display command syntax to chatwnd
// /autosize save - Save settings to INI file (auto on plugin unload)
// /autosize load - Load settings from INI file (auto on plugin load)
// /autosize autosave - Automatically save settings to INI file when an option is toggled or size is set
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Latest updates

  1. autosize on/off specificity will now work

    Merged here: https://gitlab.com/redguides/plugins/MQ2AutoSize/-/merge_requests/1