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Utility MQ2Cursor

Other Authors
s0rCieR, EqMule, Sym
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
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🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

Wiki Manual
This plugin provides INI based Cursor Handling. Auto Keeps specified items, up to a desired quantity. Consumes, Drops, or Destroys items when the desired quantity is reached.

  • Auto Keep item from list up to a certain quantity.
  • Consume, Drop, or Destroy when quantity is reached.
  • Auto Sleep with certain windows are open (Spellbook, Casting, Bank, Give, Merchant, Trade, GuildTributemaster, TributeMaster, GuildBank, Inventory but not Loot window, Loot window but not Inventory).
  • Quiet/Silent Operating Mode and Global On/Off flags.
  • Autoloot your corpse when loot Window Up.

All settings are saved to the INI file <server>_<charname>.ini.

/cursor on|off|auto
-Turn Plugin On/Off or Toggle
/cursor silent on|off|auto - Turn Quiet Mode On/Off or Toggle
/cursor dropping - Turn Dropping Mode On/Off or Toggle
/cursor help|list|load|save - Hope No description need for those.
/cursor rem(ove)|del(ete) id - Remove id or (Item on Cursor).
/cursor al(l(ways) - Always keep those (Item On Cursor).
/cursor #[ st(acks)] - Keep quantity (Item On Cursor).
/cursor random #- Random Humanish delay in ms 0=off.
/keep - Keep Item on Cursor (no list adding).

/cursor 2 st
/cursor rem 1685
/cursor silent on
/cursor list Water

/cursor [option] [value]Controls handling of items on cursor, as well as current status
/keepKeep item on cursor (does not add to list)
Source Repository
[git] Automation options?
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