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Utility MQ2Cursor

Other Authors
s0rCieR, EqMule, Sym
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
  1. Live
  2. Emu
  3. TLP
  4. Test Server

Wiki Manual
This plugin provides INI based Cursor Handling. Auto Keeps specified items, up to a desired quantity. Consumes, Drops, or Destroys items when the desired quantity is reached.

  • Auto Keep item from list up to a certain quantity.
  • Consume, Drop, or Destroy when quantity is reached.
  • Auto Sleep with certain windows are open (Spellbook, Casting, Bank, Give, Merchant, Trade, GuildTributemaster, TributeMaster, GuildBank, Inventory but not Loot window, Loot window but not Inventory).
  • Quiet/Silent Operating Mode and Global On/Off flags.
  • Autoloot your corpse when loot Window Up.

All settings are saved to the INI file <server>_<charname>.ini.

/cursor on|off|auto
-Turn Plugin On/Off or Toggle
/cursor silent on|off|auto - Turn Quiet Mode On/Off or Toggle
/cursor dropping - Turn Dropping Mode On/Off or Toggle
/cursor help|list|load|save - Hope No description need for those.
/cursor rem(ove)|del(ete) id - Remove id or (Item on Cursor).
/cursor al(l(ways) - Always keep those (Item On Cursor).
/cursor #[ st(acks)] - Keep quantity (Item On Cursor).
/cursor random #- Random Humanish delay in ms 0=off.
/keep - Keep Item on Cursor (no list adding).

/cursor 2 st
/cursor rem 1685
/cursor silent on
/cursor list Water

/cursor [option] [value]Controls handling of items on cursor, as well as current status
/keepKeep item on cursor (does not add to list)
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