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Combat Assist MQ2Bst 2021-02-28

- Fero hotfix X2
- We will now use Frenzy of Spirit during burns if we don't have Bestial Alignment AA yet.
-- Normally this is part of the tier'd burn.
- We will now use Mend companion during combat if our pet goes below 30% health.
- Hotfix for MercFero - sorry :p
- Adjusted Buff Check Timer.
- Low lvl cleanup.
- Cleaned up Alliance check, was missing some CoV checks.
- If we are in a pullertank/pullerassist mode and our pet is attacking something outside our camp, we will back it off.
-- this is meant to help characters that don't have /pet ghold or /pet hold
- Will check existing slow'd % before determining to use Sha's.
- You will now also get forcibly removed from your spell book in manual mode.
-- If you want to do stuff in your spell book be in byos mode, or pause the plugin.
- UseGroupShrink will now also check low lvl single target shrink spell if you don't have the AA.
- Added low lvl ST buffs; STSta, STDex, STStr, STAc.
- (low lvl) We will now memorize and keep memorized your low lvl merc ferocity in gem 6 if you turn off usemending.
-- We will no longer try and memorize it solely to buff (since the super high recast times on low lvl).
-- This means if you want to use merc ferocity line, you will need to turn off usemending (for low lvl).
- Bandoswap will now also swap for when DFury is up. (so vindication or DFury)
- Quick Hotfix related to CombatSummonPet
-- (as per usual Test will have to wait until test is rebuilt, sorry)
- Fixed bug with CombatSummonPet if you were BYOS.
- Low lvl spell loadout adjustment.
- Corrected issue where a timer 7 spell was in the timer 11 spell group.
- Corrected an issue where your focused paragon end/mana settings would create an entry in your [general]
-- section instead of the [paragon] section of your ini.
- Moved UseParagon and regular ParagonEnd/ParagonMana settings to [Paragon].
Found a situation where any spell (not disc) of composite rank 3 was ignored!
thanks @Celeste for finding it
Fixed new spam targeting bug
Celestrium Bestialcry Tunic was causing a crash for some players. This update addresses that crash.

The crash was hard to track down because it wasn't producing a dump file. it was just straight crash to desktop. @Fujisawa was having the issue and helped me with tracking down the bug. It took several hours to track it down, so big thanks to them.