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Combat Assist MQ2Bst 2021-02-28

Been using it for quite a while. It's amazing, wouldn't ever want to box without it!
I would really like to see the option to decide whether to use round kick, tiger claw or eagle strike.
I mostly use round kick as it procs feral swipe being big boost to dps,
overall very good plugin would like to see that in the settings to toggle though
Another great plug-in. Strong right out of the box and easy to set up minor adjustments to fit your group style/make-up. No more dialing in INI's, just keep the spells updated.
Amazing just like all the other Work these two do with all there MQ2!
Works great and I love the user friendly settings window where you can toggle options quickly to adjust play styles. Highly recommend!
As soon as I loaded this plugin I seen a 200k dps increase on named, had to adjust a few settings to not go out of mana but definately worth the purchase
Granted everything promised. DPS easily doubled. Runs great out of the box. No more trying to time the rotations or micro manage character. Really makes the class and game so much more enjoyable.
Minor bug but otherwise this is an amazing plugin and well worth the license fee. I am looking forward to both the MQ2 for cleric and enchanter as well. In addition, I use the MQ2 for Berserker and Shadow Knight with my groups. All of the utilities are a great boost to DPS and functionality. Thank you.

The bug: 64 Beastlord with warder. Warder has level 63 Arag's Celerity and my Beastlord continually casts level 59 Sha's Ferocity. These spells are in the same line and Sha's is blocked by Arag's. This is causing mana issues and a delay in the group pulls. I am not sure where to go to edit this in the plugin. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
I like where this is i do see that the force alliance wont work with an out of the box set up you would have to use BYOS and with that if the plugin has cast the dots already when the alliance is it does not recast them.
I've been playing this for a couple of days now and it's the best BST plugin available. Honestly, after I initially loaded it I haven't needed to touch my BST. I just feed it spells when I level and get all the DPS with absolutely no aggravation. I works flawlessly!
Can't fault it, seems to out DPS my KA ini... If you want to get going fast this is it.
So good! Loaded it and it just took off. Massive DPS increase, lots of utilities it just "does" out of the box. Fantastic job!
Does everything I need and does it well. Dps is steady and great. Shrinks group and stupid tree pet. It doesn't cure Covid-19 but it makes me stay home and not go out so that is just as good I say.