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Utility MQ2AdvPath 9.1

Other Authors
A_Enchanter_00, eqmule, Sym
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
/afollow [on|off] [slow|fast]
/afollow pause
/afollow unpause
/afollow spawn # [slow|fast]
/afollow [slow|fast] - default=fast.

/play [PathName|off] [slow|fast] [smart] [pause|unpause] - default=fast.
/play list - show paths in current zone. Added by Sym
/record save <Name> ## (## is optional. Is used to save checkpoints at ## distance apart.)
/record checkpoint <Name>

/play SHOW <-- bring up new window.

*Eval -- If the current location has a checkpoint that starts with slash (/) Evalute it like mq2melee does.
Loop -- continues play back
Pause -- stops the play back at the current point.
unPause -- if paused continue from where left off.
Normal -- play path forward.
Reverse -- play path backward
Slow -- Turns on walk and tights up path. Use it for tight spaces.
Door -- Autoopen doors
Smart -- Start play back from nearest way point
*Zone -- If you zone and new zone has path play it. Example: "/play zone pok innothule guk plspot" could take you from plane of knowledge to your pl spot in guk.

${AdvPath.Active} - Plugin Loaded and ready
${AdvPath.State} - FollowState, 0 = off, 1 = Following, 2 = Playing, 3 = Recording
${AdvPath.Waypoints} - Total Number of Waypoints
${AdvPath.NextWaypoint} - Number of NextWaypoint
${AdvPath.Y[Check Point Name OR Waypoint number]} LOC
${AdvPath.X[Check Point Name OR Waypoint number]} LOC
${AdvPath.Z[Check Point Name OR Waypoint number]} LOC
${AdvPath.Monitor} - Spawn your following
${AdvPath.Idle} - Idle time when following and not moving
${AdvPath.Length} - Estimated length off the follow path
${AdvPath.Following} - BOOL Following spawn
${AdvPath.Playing} - BOOL Playing
${AdvPath.Recording} - BOOL Recording
${AdvPath.Status} - INT Status 0 = off , 1 = on , 2 = paused
${AdvPath.Paused} - BOOL Paused


AutoStopFollow=0/1/2 - how it works now/pause/turns off
AutoStopPath=0/1/2 - how it works now/pause/turns off
UseStuckLogic= 0/1 = off/on

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