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Work in Progress Kaen01 Custom Nav Meshes 2019-04-07

Software Requirements
MQ2, MQ2nav
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

*Mod edit - If you want to download the entire mesh suite, when you go to the download page - press the <-- next to kaen01 --- then once at the page in this image above, click Nav Mesh and then click the Download arrow in the top left*

These meshes is what i use for moving around norrath and all the places, as i discover errors like easyfind not able to reach, or getting stuck on a chair or lamp i will correct it, so they are very curated, and well made.

Since the latest version of mq2nav introduced path length maximum, i been working hard on finding all those meshes that need remeshing to try and lower the amount of nodes so we can nav the entire mesh (Ferrott can go suck a donut hole.!)

I usually start out with tile size 256, cell size 0.500 and cell height. 0.250
agent height 8, agent radius 3 this allows a mounted ogre to move around.
max climb of 3.0 as the default 4.0 makes gnomes not able to climb over stuff.
max slope of 65, to eliminate hugging slopes that might make you slip.

You can download the entire folder by stepping back by selecting kaen01 in t he treeview, and then hover over the folder and click the checkmark then up top a download arrow will appear that downloads the entire folder as a zip to your hard drive.

if you use a mesh and it causes you problem get the loc and a screenshot in game that shows the mesh by using /nav ui -> show mesh and dm me on discord, and i will try and fix it and reupload.
First release
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