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Software Kaen01 Custom Nav Meshes 2019-04-07

Jun 12, 2015
kaen01 submitted a new resource:

Kaen01 Custom Nav Meshes - Probably the best curated meshes in town, go suck a froglok wired420

These meshes is what i use for moving around norrath and all the places, as i discover errors like easyfind not able to reach, or getting stuck on a chair or lamp i will correct it, so they are very curated, and well made.

Since the latest version of mq2nav introduced path length maximum, i been working hard on finding all those meshes that need remeshing to try and lower the amount of nodes so we can nav the entire mesh (Ferrott can go suck a donut hole.!)

I usually start out with tile...
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Apr 3, 2019
@kaen01 I think there is something wrong with the buried sea mesh.
I have tried regenerating the mesh, and testing the pathing, but I am not sure how to tell if the path works or not, I see a dotted line on the generator.

But when I try to navigate around in the zone in game, I get this error

"Could not locate starting point on navmesh: "

I have mostly tested near the druid portal in that zone, but I have tried near the katta portal and I do not think that works either, but I do not remember if it was the same error.
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Dec 4, 2016
@kaen01 Thanks for the work on these, much better than my base ones with no settings lol
1 issue I ran into for the PoTranquility mesh, when /nav or /easyfind to the PoFire zone the path takes you through one of the windows instead of the door to the building, its probably only really an issue for the big races though, my male barbarian always gets stuck...the female makes it though :eyepop:


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Jan 2, 2014
Try this one, added a couple bits to PoF spot and added in a similar area as was on kaen01

Tested with vah shir full size and lev on, and dark elf lev off/shrunk twice. Doesn't use the windows

Just download and remove the .ZIP extension

Also i added a neriakd mesh if kaen01 wants to look at/use, all i have added is connections everywhere not done any non walkable spots (keeping in mind this same zone/mesh gets used through the HA's which actually have the non accessible areas where connections have been added