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Trade / Skill GiveItems.mac v2.7.2

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Other Authors
Sym, Toadwart
Software Requirements
MQ2Cursor (Optional)
Included in Very Vanilla
Very Vanilla Included! No need to download.
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
My initial intent with this re-imagining was to take this very useful v1.2 macro that Sym wrote, and add some functionality to it for myself. The original allowed you to give all tradeskill/collection items to a targeted pc. The problem I had with that was that one PC cannot hold all tradeskill items, even with a full inventory of extraplanar satchels. So I started to segregate TS supplies by their most commonly used recipes, and gave certain tradeskill components to certain mules, of which I had three. This required a lot of manual sorting and giving, so I wanted to automate that with an expanded version of this macro. That then morphed into other abilities I wanted to include with give commands, such as giving defiant armor by type to certain mules to hold, and giving quest turn-ins to npcs. This all leads to the current iteration v2.6, which as far as I can tell is fully functional for all above scenarios, however I have a long todo list of items I would still like to add, so I’m already working on version 3.0 for myself. Please make use of this macro, and let me know what items I know I’ve messed up for the pre-existing give functions. I’ve attempted to include a fair bit of error catching, and this iteration seems to work quite a bit faster than the original iteration as well, but that could in itself lead to some hiccups.

New abilities:
  • Give items to another PC based on a user defined grouping in an ini file
    • All items by that name, or a specific number defined in the ini
  • Give items to an NPC based on ini groupings, such as a quest turn-in for a specific npc, or series of turnins even for multiple quests at a specific npc.
  • In both cases you can also exclude items you do not want to trade at all, such as your cleric’s emeralds, to never get traded from any character.
Specific Examples:
  • NPC A needs 4 snake sacs turned in for a quest (specifically Dakkin in Crescent Reach)
    • Create entry in Giveitems.ini labeled [snakesacs], and on the next line Snake Sacs=4
    • Go out and farm the sacs you need on all of your toons
    • Return to Dakkin with your group
    • Run this macro on all toons with a single command in eqbcs-> /bcaa //mac giveitems
      • Get the right target through eqbcs-> /bcaa //target spawn npc Dakkin
      • Execute command on all with eqbcs-> /bcaa //giveitem np gr snakesacs
      • This of course can be accelerated with a social if you wish to repeat
    • All toons, assuming they're within reach of the NPC would give 4 Snake Sacs to the NPC for the quest turn-in
  • Want to give specific recipe components from a mule to a TS toon?
    • Create an entry in the ini with a short but meaningful header name
      • Enter each ingredient and quantity needed for 1 combine, or 100 combines, whichever you need
      • Execute on the mule and they'll find and transfer just those items and quantities to the other toon
        • For example, you want to make class 1 arrows and toon A has the parts, but toon B wants to work the skill:
          • Create an entry in the ini called something informative, like [C1WHArrow]
          • Under that you'd need one line for each item, like this:
            • Bundled Wood Arrow Shafts=100
            • Hooked Arrowheads=100
            • Large Groove Nocks=100
            • Several Round Cut Fletchings=100
          • Then execute /giveitem pc gr c1wharrow, and it would give the items listed above to the targeted toon, and that toon can run off to do 100 combines.
  • Want to give all defiant plate armor to one toon to hold?
    • Create an entry called [defplate], or whatever you want
    • Add lines beneath for each specific defiant plate armor that exists
      • I believe that using a definition of defiant plate=1 will give a partial match trade of all items, but I need to test this function yet
    • execute on any/all toons to make that mule the holder of your defiant plate armor (/giveitem pc gr defplate)
  • Can be utilized for ANY grouping you want to exchange, which is especially handy for a trade function you do regularly
I generally use this to move tradeskills items to my mules, set up quest turn-ins that habitually repeat on my primary toons, or expect to repeat multiple times on future toons, distribute defiant gear by class, such as all defiant plate to one toon. I find that this method is by far the most powerful for me to move tradeskill components around. I can distribute every TS item I have currently defined to my three mules in about 2 minutes, including mule login time, regardless of how disorganized my inventory. Then, if I want to do a tradeskill it takes me a split second to trade the parts I need back to the TS character based on the ini settings, even if the parts are scattered across all three mules, I don't need to search, I just run the macro with the flag I defined and it gives what it has available up to the max they have, no searching, no thinking beyond the TS flag name in the ini file.

| giveitems.mac - Sym 8.26.2017 exclusively for RedGuides.com
| 10.13.17    v1.21 kaen01 fixed some variables, fixed the command wait loop.
| 02.27.19    v2.6 toadwart added functionality for a string variable to flag items to be given to a target, allowing for the grouping of items based on user preference to be given to others
| Mac was originally designed to give all tradeskill items or one of each collection item to targeted pc or banker. This functionality still exists
| Usage: /mac giveitems
| Once running the following commands are available. Only first two characters of flags (pc/npc/banker/group) are checked for ease of typing. Full group names (flags) are required if used.
| The "flag" referenced below can be any text string which should match the flag defined in your ini for what specific items would be given to a specific target, non-case sensitive.
|    for example: /giveitem pc tr bob would give all items listed under the header flag of [bob] to the pc you have targeted, and only those items. Those items with a number greater
|    than 1 will respect the figure used, and try to give that number of items to the pc in this example.
|/giveitem pc tradeskill or /giveitem pc tr
|   Gives all tradeskill items, to targeted pc, unless the item is on the exclude list
|/giveitem pc collection or /giveitem pc co
|   Gives all collection items, to targeted pc, unless the item is on the exclude list
|/giveitem pc group flag or /giveitem pc gr flag
|    Gives all/# of items that fit the group flag to the targeted pc if found in the ini file. If defined as -1, then gives all, otherwise will respect the number used.
|/giveitem np group flag or /giveitem np gr flag
|    Gives items that fit the group flag to the targeted npc if found in the ini file, unless on the exclude list
|/giveitem exclude or /giveitem ex
|   Add item on cursor to exclude list then autoinventory the item
|/giveitem group flag or /giveitem gr flag
|    Add item on cursor to flagged list in ini using the defined "flag" that is user defined, then autoinventory the item
|/giveitem banker tradeskill or /giveitem ba tr
|   Opens targeted banker (if not already open) and /autobanks all tradeskill items you have, unless the item is on the exclude list
|/giveitem banker collection or /giveitem ba co
|   Opens selected banker (if not already open) and /autobanks all collection items you have
|/giveitem banker group flag or /giveitem ba gr flag
|    Gives all items that fit the group flag to the targeted pc if found in the ini file
| /giveitem dryrun or /giveitem dr
|   Toggles dryrun mode. This just goes through the motions and tells you what would be given so you can make sure your lists are correct and you're going to give what you expect to give
| /giveitem fullstack or /giveitem fu
|   Forces full stack pickups. Useful to deposit full stacks, and multiple stacks of items, regardless of how many you have on you
| /giveitem cursor or /giveitem cu
|   Uses MQ2Cursor command /cursor 1 stack on each collection item. If you don't use MQ2Cursor, ignore this.
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