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Utility DumpsterDive.mac 1.82

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Other Authors
Sym, Kaen01, Toadwart
Software Requirements
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
As suggested by Sicprofundus

Original Version by Sym
Modified by Kaen01 to correct some malfunctions
Modified by Toadwart, adding expanded functionality, and capability
Rich (BB code):
| dumpsterdive.mac - Sym 8.18.2017 exclusively for RedGuides.com
| -
| - 11.24.2018 Kaen01 -- Fixed a little bit by kaen01 so it works now
| -
| 02.04.19 v1.6 Toadwart - Modified functionality for very large vendor lists. It will now warn you
|    and end the macro if your vendor list exceeds 2048 characters. Functionality was added with
|    a secondary ini header to continue your list, now allowing for up to 4096-ish characters worth
|    of vendor names. Currently named the same, the header needs a 2 at the end of each
|    section to be recognized as a continuation of the prior search list from dumpsterdive.ini.
|        -Included a current list of PoK vendors as of 03.04.19 as an example, and most common use case
|        -Current PoK vendor list is path optimized, but even with random browsing time delay added,
|            this behaviour looks somewhat "botty". Recommend randomizing your merchant browse order
|            in the ini so that it will take longer to path everywhere, but it will look more natural to
|            an outside observer.
| Runs around checking merchants for items others have sold
| Requires MQ2Nav, and a current mesh loaded
| This macro will buy all items listed in your ini. This may be expensive.
| It can also buy every tradeskill tagged item it sees. This may be VERY expensive.
| ******************************************************************************************
| ******************************************************************************************
| ****                                                                                                                             ****
| **** If you try to buy an infinite default stock item it will fill up your inventory.       ****
| ****                                                                                                                             ****
| ******************************************************************************************
| ******************************************************************************************
| To use partial name matching you will need to add the entry to the ini file manually.
| Usage: /mac dumpsterdive
| Once running the following commands are available.
|/dive merchant
|   Add targeted merchant to ini under the [Zone.ShortName-Merchants] heading
|/dive merchant2
|    Add targeted merchant to ini under the [Zone.ShortName-Merchants2] heading. Used when list of merchants becomes
|    more than 2048 chars long. And a second search list is required to complete the search. PoK being a prime example.
|/dive item
|   Add item on cursor to ini then autoinventory the item
|/dive start
|   Starts buying loop
|    Ends buying loop early, cancels movement and the macro
|/dive buyall XX
|   Starts buying loop and will buy ALL non default stock tradeskill items under XXp
|/dive debug
|   Begins the debug code, reporting various flags, and informational status as you process through items, can be quite spammy.

Any issues let me know.

Added /dive buyall # option to buy all tradeskill items under # plat.
Added zonename to merchant list heading. If you already have entries in your ini you will need to edit to add the zone shortname manually, such as [PoKnowledge-Merchants]
Added Partial matching for item names. You will need to add the entry to the ini file manually, such as
To stop buying an item you need to manually remove the entry. Setting it to 0 does not disable it.
First release
Last update
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