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Trade / Skill GiveItems.mac 2.7

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I believe that there was an error with the /giveitems pc tradeskills not giving tradeskills to the targeted pc, which Kaen01 pointed out to me today. This version should fix that issue. No other changes at this time that I'm aware of, but let me know if my "fix" broke something else.
Adjusted to allow giving nodrop quest items to npc's per Godsfshrmn's feedback.

-The Giveitems.ini is in v2.6 yet. I did not update this version with any changes to that file.
Added 5 new/expanded functions or additional options to the existing functions.
Give to:
  • PC’s
  • NPC’s
  • Banker’s
Based on item flag, or user-defined group flag as well as giving all, or a set numbers of items for PC's and NPC's. Does not exist for bankers as yet.
fix to make it work, no updates other than that.