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Combat Assist Farm.mac 1.21

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Software Requirements
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Live, Test Server

2018 ESA Winner
I was asked about releasing this. So here we have it.

|Farm.mac by Chatwiththisname
|v1.01 ~ Initial release 3/8/2018
|Usage: /mac Farm radius target ~~ /mac farm 500 pyrilen
| /mac farm radius ~~ /mac farm 1000
|Purpose: Will kill and move anything forever in a radius
| near you. It -WILL- navigate the entire zone.
| IE: Used in RSS I started at entrance, come back
| an hour later and I was doing the raid mobs.
| If you provide it a target's partial/full name it will
| only hunt down those creatures. But it will react to adds.
| /ignorethis to ignore your current target only.
| /ignorethese to ignore all spawns with your targets full name.

Not intended to be left unattended because it WILL attack another players mobs/run into their camp and start banging on their kills. You've been warned.

I've used it with properly setup holyshits/downshits to level my bard and farm materials at the same time :)

HealAt is when you want to consider yourself/group members low on health. HealTill is what you want to wait for it to be once you've started resting before trying to get a new target. MedEndAt/Till - Applies to endurance, MedAt/Till applies to mana.

Setting UseEQBC to TRUE will make it tell group members to sit down when they are low on health/mana/end.
It's also supposed to get your boxes on your EQBC to assist you with mobs, but I haven't tried very hard to make that work correctly. For now, it'll make sure they are following and sometimes they'll help you. Lol.

First release
Last update
4.50 star(s) 8 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Bug fixes

    Was an issue with new PullAbility setup and PullAbilityRange being read when there was no...
  2. Farm.mac get it's face-lift transferred to RG 3.0

    Farm.mac beta test of the latest upgrades are now getting posted to the RG 3.0 Since I posted...

Latest reviews

Works great for what I needed. Will be incorporating this into various farming needs. A lifesaver for time where I was doing this kind of thing manually in the past. I can concentrate on other toons while I have one or more running this.
Fantastic! Helps with those annoying epic 1.0 time sinks. I might actually tradeskill now!
Is there a way to use a ranger's auto fire skill in lieu of melee/casting?
Great macro though.
It doesn't work. It is stuck in an endless mana/hp-check.
I love this macro. It has been amazing getting my team setup and farming mats for trade skills!
Worked fine for me, took me a minute to get it, but make sure to read the commands, they are useful
This works great