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Combat Assist Farm.mac 1.21

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Software Requirements
I was asked about releasing this. So here we have it.

|Farm.mac by Chatwiththisname
|v1.01 ~ Initial release 3/8/2018
|Usage: /mac Farm radius target ~~ /mac farm 500 pyrilen
| /mac farm radius ~~ /mac farm 1000
|Purpose: Will kill and move anything forever in a radius
| near you. It -WILL- navigate the entire zone.
| IE: Used in RSS I started at entrance, come back
| an hour later and I was doing the raid mobs.
| If you provide it a target's partial/full name it will
| only hunt down those creatures. But it will react to adds.
| /ignorethis to ignore your current target only.
| /ignorethese to ignore all spawns with your targets full name.

Not intended to be left unattended because it WILL attack another players mobs/run into their camp and start banging on their kills. You've been warned.

I've used it with properly setup holyshits/downshits to level my bard and farm materials at the same time :)

HealAt is when you want to consider yourself/group members low on health. HealTill is what you want to wait for it to be once you've started resting before trying to get a new target. MedEndAt/Till - Applies to endurance, MedAt/Till applies to mana.

Setting UseEQBC to TRUE will make it tell group members to sit down when they are low on health/mana/end.
It's also supposed to get your boxes on your EQBC to assist you with mobs, but I haven't tried very hard to make that work correctly. For now, it'll make sure they are following and sometimes they'll help you. Lol.

Server Type
Live, Test Server
First release
Last update
4.20 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

Is there a way to use a ranger's auto fire skill in lieu of melee/casting?
Great macro though.
It doesn't work. It is stuck in an endless mana/hp-check.
I love this macro. It has been amazing getting my team setup and farming mats for trade skills!
Worked fine for me, took me a minute to get it, but make sure to read the commands, they are useful
This works great