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Combat Assist Farm.mac 1.21

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Was an issue with new PullAbility setup and PullAbilityRange being read when there was no PullAbility setup. Fixed it so that it wouldn't stop at 150 default before reissuing nav.

Added a basic check for mob to already have a debuff on it before casting a spell....my BL was chain casting slow. Thought I had added this already, but guess not.

If you cut a name out of the FarmMobIgnored.ini list and paste it into the ignore list, it won't repopulate into it's respective list again, should help see what you haven't put on the permanent ignore list.

Creatures on the NamedList should not longer also populate the NPC list in FarmMobIgnored.ini

Report bugs so they can be looked at. I'm still going to be moving forward with the plugin, but it's a slow road as I learn the language and create the custom functions to do the things I've done in the macro. So until then I still use this when needed.

Found the elusive "there are no spawns matching: (0-200) any" bug, where it would get stuck in a loop. and made corrections to two while loops to break out if the player didn't have a target, or the spawn didn't exist anymore.

Farm.mac beta test of the latest upgrades are now getting posted to the RG 3.0

Since I posted after the cut off I wanted to make it available again here.

This includes the new /farm command and all its glory.

Will optionally automatically cast detrimental spells that you have memorized that are single target. This is effective for most detrimental spells. Ones that do not work as intended are debuffs/dots that have an effect that isn't the same as the name of the spell being cast. IE: It triggers 1 or more spells that don't share the name of the spell being cast. Normal Dots/Debuffs will fire off only if the targetted NPC doesn't have the effect on them.

Now has an option for a pullability. Pull ability options are as follows.
Skill, Spell, Disc, AA, Pet, Item, Melee. Ranged can be selected with "Ranged", "Throwing", "Archery", or "Bow" in an attempt to catch any attempt at selecting a bow/throwing type pull method when a user just guesses; However, they all do the same thing.

Pulling with bow/throwing will automatically detect the maximum range of the throwing or bow pulling by getting the range of the bow and arrow, or just the throwing item.
Bowing will shoot until the target is too close to shoot and immediately go into melee combat mode.

Any /farm command with a corresponding INI entry will change the INI when used. IE: If /farm debug on is used, then the character's INI will have debug set to on as well as altering the variable immediately for the change to occur in game. This was done in an attempt to prevent the user from having to restart the macro for a simple INI change and can now be done without ending the macro at all. Additionally, once the change is made it prevents the user from having to make the change again the next time the macro is run.

Made a minor correction to the main loop to reduce it from multiple conditions to a single condition for ending the while loop. This was done because I've found that multiple conditions tend to fail.

Summons Memorized pets. Farm.mac now innately summons a users memorized pet spell. IE: Mage or Necromancer pets for example will automatically be summoned if the spell is memorized. This is not a hard coded in spell, it's just automatically detected by checking your memorized spells for one that is Pet and Self. Both mage and necromancer have been tested, however no other class has been verified. There is no option to toggle this on or off, if you don't want to summon your pet using farm.mac don't have the pet spell memorized. Note: This will not try to cast swarm pet spells in the same fashion as those are single target detrimental and would cast during "CastDetrimental" lineup during combat.

The overall changes to farm.mac have almost doubled the size of the file. There may be minor changes that are not listed here, or changes that have been mentioned have altered the way the subroutines that were already in place receive information but the change hasn't been mentioned as they should only be obvious internally or by others that code and can compare the sub routines to see said changes.

Please inform me of any bugs that you encounter so that I may address them.

/farm or /farm Help --- Displays this help window.
/farm Radius --- Displays the current Radius to engage mobs from your current location.
/farm Radius #### --- Set the radius around you to search for spawns.
/farm ZRadius --- Displays the current ZRadius to engage mobs from your current location.
/farm Pause --- Toggles if the macro should pause or not. Will wait till out of combat. But won't react after current combat is done.
/farm Debug --- Will tell you if Debugging is on or off.
/farm Debug On|1|Off|0 --- /farm debug on or /farm debug 1 will turn on debugging, /farm debug off or /farm debug 0 will turn off debugging.
/farm HealAt --- Displays the current health to wait for before pulling.
/farm HealAt ### --- Sets the health to wait for before pulling.
/farm HealTill --- Displays the current health to wait until after stopping for HealAt.
/farm Healtill ### --- Sets the health to wait until after stopping pulls to heal.
/farm MedEndAt --- Displays the current Endurance to wait for before pulling.
/farm MedEndAt ### --- Sets the Endurance to wait for before pulling.
/farm MedEndTill --- Displays the current Endurance to wait until after stopping for MedEndAt.
/farm MedEndTill ### --- Sets the Endurance to wait until after stopping pulls for MedEndAt.
/farm MedAt --- Displays the current Mana to wait for before pulling.
/farm MedAt ### --- Sets the Mana to wait for before pulling.
/farm MedTill --- Displays the current Mana to wait until after stopping for MedAt.
/farm MedTill ### --- Sets the Mana to wait until after stopping pulls for MedAt.
/farm CastDetrimental --- Will tell you if CastDetrimental is on or off.
/farm CastDetrimental On|1|Off|0 --- /farm CastDetrimental on or /farm CastDetrimental 1 will turn on CastDetrimental, /farm CastDetrimental off or /farm CastDetrimental 0 will turn off CastDetrimental.
/farm UseEQBC --- Will tell you if UseEQBC is on or off.
/farm UseEQBC On|1|Off|0 --- /farm UseEQBC on or /farm UseEQBC 1 will turn on UseEQBC, /farm UseEQBC off or /farm UseEQBC 0 will turn off UseEQBC.
/farm assistMe --- Will tell you if assistMe is on or off.
/farm assistMe On|1|Off|0 --- /farm assistMe on or /farm assistMe 1 will turn on assistMe, /farm assistMe off or /farm assistMe 0 will turn off assistMe.
/farm useLogOut --- Will tell you if useLogOut is on or off.
/farm useLogOut On|1|Off|0 --- /farm useLogOut on or /farm useLogOut 1 will turn on useLogOut, /farm useLogOut off or /farm useLogOut 0 will turn off useLogOut.
/farm UseMerc --- Will tell you if UseMerc is on or off.
/farm UseMerc On|1|Off|0 --- /farm UseMerc on or /farm UseMerc 1 will turn on UseMerc, /farm UseMerc off or /farm UseMerc 0 will turn off UseMerc.
/farm LineOfSight --- Will tell you if PullRequiresLineOfSight is on or off.
/farm LineOfSight On|1|Off|0 --- /farm LineOfSight on or /farm LineOfSight 1 will turn on PullRequiresLineOfSight, /farm LineOfSight off or /farm LineOfSight 0 will turn off PullRequiresLineOfSight.