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EZ Server Willowisp Farming Macro 01/15/2015

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Hi everyone. I tend to play on the EZ Server a lot, where lots of the progression involves getting Greater Lightstones from Willowisps and combining them into Superior Lightstones. Killing that many Wisps was tedious, and so I created a macro that would have my toons kill them and loot their lightstones while I did something else. I know there aren't many EZServer players on RG but you never know, there might be someone who could use something like this.

To use: I'm going to assume you know a bit about EZServer. Get ported to Jaggedpine, make a solo instance, and turn on the macro. If you have a pet make it leave first. If you're a caster you'll need to do /melee melee=1

This macro will: 1. Check if the ancient willowisp is up at the end of every cycle. If it is, it will port you to the Nexus using the item in your charm slot. If you have a UC, you'll need to change that in the macro. The lines you'll need to change are:
Rich (BB code):
/itemnotify 0 rightmouseup
In lines 14 and 22. Change the 0 to 19 and it will use your boots instead.
2. Stick to the nearest Willowisp and kill it.
3. Loot the corpse, destroying any item that is not "Greater Lightstone" or "Superior Lightstone"
4. Stick to the next willowisp and kill it.
5. When your bags are full, it will port to the nexus and end the macro.
I've had it run on ~8 accounts at once all night. When I woke up, all 8 had bags full of Greater Lightstones and were sitting in the nexus. It's not the most efficient, and could be streamlined a lot, but so far it performs it's duties admirably.

Hope people can get some use out of it, but if not, oh well. If there are bugs or suggested improvements, feel free to comment as this is just my first macro.
Requires MQ2MoveUtils because of /stick and MQ2Melee because of /killthis.
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