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Combat Assist EZ Casters Guild Farming Macro 1.02

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Software Requirements

EZInclude.inc (attached)
Server Type
🏘️ Emu
Last updated: 2/19/2017
If you have a version older than that, please download the new version for your own safety.

Basic description of the macro:
This macro will farm all of the tradeable Casters Guild items for you. It does this by creating an instance for a given zone, moving to the mobs spawn point, and slaughtering everything in the room til it finds the corpse of the mob you're looking for, then it loots the corpse and if the item you need shows up, loots it. Then it moves on to the next one. It's very slow and inefficient compared to an actual human hunting these items, but oh well. It's meant to be run afk overnight on multiple accounts.

I feel fairly secure running this macro afk, but I DO NOT take responsibility if you get yourself banned or otherwise disciplined. Use at your own risk.

-A level 70+ character
-An open top-level inventory slot to loot the Light Burlap Sack. (No longer needed if you're running the RoF2 client)
-A solo instance created by the toon you're using for each of the following zones:
Rich (BB code):
-EZInclude.inc (attached to this post)
-Assign duck to the X key or change the lines in the befallen sub to whatever you have it set to.
-Around 100k plat on the toon in question OR the Free Waypoint reward item.
-I highly suggest getting a stack of gate potions from the noobie vendor and binding yourself somewhere discrete

Please, feel free to try it out, I'm almost positive there are bugs, please inform me of them so I can fix them, and feel free to give me criticism as well, constructive or not.

Rich (BB code):
Version 1.02
-Fixed a bug where the macro would only ever farm 1 item and then return to nexus and start spamming "create solo instance NULL" until you ended it
-Fixed a bug where the boats in OOT would throw off the placeholder check when hunting the Oracle of K`Arnon
-Fixed various misspellings that were throwing off the macro
-For added safety, buy a stack of gate potions off the newbie vendor (They're free and stack to 1000) and bind yourself somewhere other than the Nexus. The macro will use your gate potions instead of porting you to the Nexus. (Make sure you bind yourself in a spot where you won't pick up aggro)
-The macro will now automatically create instances for you in all zones except Lower Guk. You will still need to manually create an instance of Lower Guk, but otherwise you'll be saved the trouble of going through and manually creating all those instances.

Version 1.01
Changed how EZInclude.inc deals with placeholders and updated CastGuild.mac to reflect that

Released v1.0

-Detect if your class can pick locks and has a set of lockpicks, and if so, skip camping the key to the reavers

First release
Last update
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