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CWTNFish.mac 1.25

Other Authors
ChatWithThisName, AmericanNero, Cannonballdex
Server Type
🏢 Live 🏘️ Emu TLP Test

2019 ESA Winner
| CWTNFish.mac by Chatwiththisname 12/30/2017
| Supported and extended by AmericanNero and Cannonballdex
| Source code at: https://github.com/Teatish/cwtnfish
| Readme! Tailor ***Settings*** to customize timing, messages, what to do if you aggro... default afk
| message is Bio! Go wild and crazy and make something up.
| v1.24 Updated by AmericanNero 1/9/2022
| - Added global DestroyItem
| - Added CheckDestroyItem which loops until it finds something not to destroy.
| - Refactored FindItem.
| - Small Twigs and other junk should no longer end up in your bags unless Destroy is FALSE
| v1.23 Updated by AmericanNero 12/26/2021
| - Reportedly, twigs and other trash things were being kept, which was naughty. I could not replicate
| so I fixed some things that didn't necessarily need fixing.
| - Tidied up afk spam.
| - Added some message formatting.
| - Smoothed out timing and cursor checks.
| - Keeping trash was broke when ${Destroy} = FALSE. Clean up the lakes and rivers, for Petesake!
| - The opening and closing of windows and bags was so fast and disconcerting. Slowed it down a hair
| so it looks intentional.
| v1.22 Updated by AmericanNero 12/16/2021
| - Added fish from Terror of Luclin expansion (from Allakhazam and eqtraders fishing holes)
| - Added Small Twigs to the Destroy list
| - Cleaned up the keeper list
| - Updated stats counters and messages.
| v1.21 Updated by AmericanNero 5/7/2021
| - If you look around while fishing, it will respect where you ended up looking and fidget in that direction.
| - Corrected potential flip based on bug in /face heading command. Tested facing all cardinal directions.
| v1.2 Updated by AmericanNero 2/27/2021
| - Setting grptotal now assumes the number in your group is the number of acceptable PC's before triggering afk routine.
| - Setting grptotal can be done at the command line e.g. /mac CWTNFISHFlyCasual 2 or... /mac CWTNFISHFlyCasual 200 (for the brave or foolhardy in POK?)
| - Added FlyCasual sub which adds time variability around how many casts occur before a pause, and variability about how long this pause is.
| - After so many casts the character will stand up or sit down
| - You may disable FlyCasual, or tweak the settings to your liking.
| - /flycasual enables/disables the function
| - Added FlyCasualFidget 0/1. The fisherman may get up and look around before returning to fishing; associated with how often it sits / stands
| - Now reports when you get better at fishing
| - Recognizes when you luckily caught something
| - Reduces frequency of double casting the line
| - If a GM is around, just camp. You also have the choice endmacro manually and do what you need to.
| - If other PCs are around and won't leave, just go afk and end macro. Safer to manually do what you need before starting again.
| Updated by Cannonballdex 1/2/2021
| Added GM Alert - Edit the action you want to take in the Sub GMCheck below - Default is to go AFK and end the macro
| Added AFK mode when PC is near - Edit radius, how long to go afk, afk message and group numbers to ignore in settings below
| Added Aggro Mode when getting AGGRO - Edit the action you want to take below under Sub Aggro - Default is to use Bulwark of Many Portals and Gate
| Added Ancient Fishing Pole to Pole List
| Changed the way bait is made if an item is already in this slot
| Ends macro if you run out of room in inventory
| Added most of the COV Fish to useless stats
| Closes all of your bags while fishing
| Added Fish Scales to Destroy List - You can edit the destroy True or False in settings below
| Updated by Chatwiththisname 12/2/2020 **|
| - Updated by ChatWithThisName 12/2/2020
| Added Hargar Brand Fishing Pail - MOTD mod, remodded again by me.
| Added consideration for Bookworms - MOTD mod.
| Restructured a lot of the logic. Equipping fishing poles code is tons clearer.
| Changed /stats alias to be a bind.
| Removed MQ2Cast dependency for items in favor of /useitem
| Changed the code to reflect the name change to FISH
| Removed the requirement to have the bags open.
| - Updated by ChatWithThisName 8/31/2018 -- Fixed chain summoning brell's fishing pole. Added support
| for Anizok's Biat dispenser.
| - Updated by Chatwiththisname 2/23/2019 -- Updated to include "The Bone Rod"
| All bags should remain open while the macro is in use.
| Custom sub routine to open all your bags.
| Uses Brell's Fishin' Pole to summon a new pole if yours breaks.
| Uses Endless Worms to summon new bait if you run out.
| If no Fishing Pole and no Brell's Fishin' Pole ~ Will inform you that you need a new pole.
| If no bait and no Endless Worms ~ Will inform you that you are out and end the macro.
| Type /stats
| to get a statistics output to MQ2Window
I if you appreciate my work and want to help support me you can donate to me directly at http://paypal.me/chatwiththisname
Source Repository
[git] Automation options?
License Name
First release
Last update
4.90 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest reviews

Amazing! Fantastic mod. Thanks for leveling fishing up from a pain in the rear to set it and forget it. Much appreciated quality of life upgrade.
absolutely the best fishing mod evah, especially like the casual actions>>> thanks
Love it thks alot
Nice and relaxing fishing )) thanks for this one
Love this one.
It makes maxing out fishing a breeze, and deals with the junk often caught. Now every toon carries a Bone Rod and Anizok's Bait Dispenser in case they get hit with the urge to drop a line in a zone's puddle!
Works like a charm.
Nice app , allows afk farming.
Excellent carpal-tunnel syndrome prevention tool for EQ fishing.