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Trade / Skill Guidestone.mac 7-2-2021

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Software Requirements
MQ2MoveUtils may be used but is not required.
Server Type
🏢 Live Test
|Guidestone.mac by Chatwiththisname
|v1.1 ~ Added check for you to have research skill
| Verifies you do not have tradeskill or collectible containers in container slots. Will not run with it like this.
| Now verifies all conditions on run and reports all of them before ending.
|v1.0 ~ Initial release 3/1/2018
|Usage: /mac Guidestone
|Purpose: It will complete combines for Guidestone to
| include purchasing the Stone of Marking and
| then sell the Guidestones back to the vendor
| so long as you have Ethernere Essence on you.
|Requirements: Go to North Karana with your classes combine
| combine container in a top level inventory
| slot. Will use MoveUtils to navigate to
| Tak Whistler and calculate the amount of
| Stone of Marking to buy. It accounts for
| total Inv size less the combine container
| and total Ethernere Essences.
| Special thanks to Dborgar for his donation
| to have this made.
First release
Last update
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