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Claim Daybreak Cash Include file

Utility Claim Daybreak Cash Include file 2019-01-02.1

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Software Requirements
Requires Knightly.inc from https://www.redguides.com/community/resources/knightly-includes-file.1045/
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🏢 Live
This is a stripped and modified version of Dewey's original FreeSC.mac. He has probably updated his stuff since I stole it, but the one I had was from 2014 and I had modified it to remove the ini checking and date calculations. I'm not sure what else I had modified before I converted it to an inc at the end of 2018.

Dewey has a plugin on the MQ2 site that will do the same thing and I think he doesn't maintain his macro anymore so I asked if it would be okay to post my version. He said it was okay and I've posted it in DIscord a few times, but I thought I would leave it here so people have easy access.

This include file needs Knightly.inc to run.

In order to use it, just include it in your macro:
#include FreeDBC.inc

And wherever you want to use it:
/call FreeDBC

For me personally, I have a Launcher.mac that I use to launch all of the things I want my characters to do. I
/mac Launcher
in all of my character.cfg files which will kick off the Launcher macro. With all of my other stuff removed and only the claim here, it looks like:

#include Knightly.inc
#include FreeDBC.inc

Sub Main
    | Setup Macro Variables
    /call SetMacroName Launcher
    /declare Debug${MacroName}    bool     outer    FALSE

    | Get DB Cash
    /call LogMessage "Claiming Daybreak Cash"
    /call FreeDBC

    /call LogMessage "Done"

Note that since FreeDBC.inc includes Knightly.inc automatically, you don't need to double include it (I just do it in the above because I'm using the functions in the main macro).
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