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110 Shadow Knight - PullerTank with built in conditions for Kiss 1x.xx TBL Edition

Shadow Knight
Server Type
Live, Test Server
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06/06/19 Version 1.4 Weapon Switching Logic
25/03/19 Version 1.3 TBL Test Edition
21/01/19 Version 1.2 KissAssist v11.001 compatible
03/08/18 Version 1.1
02/08/18 Version 1.0 Release
Rich (BB code):
06/06/19 Added logic to always...
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The Burning Lands
First release
Last update
4.40 star(s) 5 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Updated 06/06/19

    06/06/19 Added logic to always pull with a shield and weapon equipped, and if the mobs are less...
  2. Updated

    25/03/19 Version 1.3 TBL Test Edition 21/01/19 Version 1.2 KissAssist v11.001 compatible...

Latest reviews

Loving this so far, it's increased my survivability by quite a bit. To be honest I've actually learned a few tricks and skills from watching it in action. Running it on a toon in conflagrant and gmm non visibles.
Working great so far. I do turn off HT in the mq2melee though as I like to engage nameds with that.
been working great but on pulls will run out grab a mob go back to camp then turn around and run out again to pull another mob gets stuck out at second mob any changes to fix this ?
Check with KISS as it sounds more like the base macro rather than the ini
Working great so far! Make sure you buy your 13th spell gem asap to get the most out of it
Used this as the basis for my 95 SK, just swapped out the spells for the lower level versions and works really well.