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    MQ2Hud - This plugin provides a Heads Up Display for your EQ window, which can provide a large amount of information in a relatively small amount of space. The HUD acts as a transparent background layer, upon which any information can be displayed. Each element of the HUD gets parsed each time MQ2Data is displayed, so there is no need to reload the HUD after making changes to the ini file, they are instantaneously available as soon as you save the ini file. This is a core MQ2 plugin

    You can toggle display of the HUD by using F11.

    /hud normal | underui | always  
    	-- Normal - Above the EQ UI but will not be displayed if pressing F11. 
    	-- UnderUI - Under the EQ UI and will disappear if F11 is pressed. 
    	-- Always - The HUD will always be present above the EQ UI and will not disappear when F11 is pressed. 
    /loadhud - Load the specified HUD defined in MQ2HUD.ini 
    /defaulthud - Loads the default HUD. 
    /classhud - Loads the HUD section for your class. You must have a [class] section in MQ2HUD.ini 
    /zonehud -  Loads the HUD section for your current zone. You must have a [zone] section in MQ2HUD.ini
    The HUD is customized by entries in the MQ2HUD.ini file. The ini file allows any number of HUDs to be created and saved within. Loading a new HUD from the ini file can be done with /loadhud. The entry names are not case-sensitive.

    The default HUD entry is called [Elements] and can be loaded with the /defaulthud command.

    Sample mq2hud.ini file
    ClickMeForFun=6,-25,-25,255,255,255,${If[!${Cursor.ID},click me,]}
    Time=3,5,38,0,255,0,Time: ${Time}
    LastTell=3,5,50,0,255,0,LastTell - ${MacroQuest.LastTell} 
    RegExp=3,5,62,0,255,0,EXP - ${Me.PctExp}%
    AAExp=3,5,74,0,255,0,AAExp - ${Me.PctAAExp}%
    Spawn1=3,5,86,255,255,0,${If[${NearestSpawn[1,npc named].Name.NotEqual["NULL"]},${NearestSpawn[1,npc named].Level} - ${NearestSpawn[1,npc named].Name},]}
    Spawn2=3,5,98,255,255,0,${If[${NearestSpawn[2,npc named].Name.NotEqual["NULL"]},${NearestSpawn[2,npc named].Level} - ${NearestSpawn[2,npc named].Name},]}
    Spawn3=3,5,110,255,255,0,${If[${NearestSpawn[3,npc named].Name.NotEqual["NULL"]},${NearestSpawn[3,npc named].Level} - ${NearestSpawn[3,npc named].Name},]}
    Spawn4=3,5,122,255,255,0,${If[${NearestSpawn[4,npc named].Name.NotEqual["NULL"]},${NearestSpawn[4,npc named].Level} - ${NearestSpawn[4,npc named].Name},]}
    GMInd1=3,5,134,0,250,0,GM - ${If[${Spawn[gm].ID},${SpawnCount[gm]} GM's in zone.,No GM's Present]}
    GroupLeader=3,5,146,0,255,0,${If[${Group.Members}>0,GroupLDR - ${Group.Leader},]}  
    RaidLeader=3,5,158,0,255,0,${If[${Raid.Members}>0,RaidLDR - ${Raid.Leader},]}
    PPLinRaid=3,5,170,0,255,0,${If[${Raid.Members}>0,In Raid - ${Raid.Members},]}
    PlayersInZone=3,5,175,0,255,0,Players in Zone - ${SpawnCount[PC]}
    Macro1=3,5,187,50,50,255,Macro Running - ${If[${Macro.Name.NotEqual["NULL"]},${Macro.Name},]}
    Macro2=3,5,198,255,0,0,Macro Paused? ${Macro.Paused}
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