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Question - Working on AAs, Accidentally Leveled Too Much

Jun 16, 2019
Hello everyone!

Currently I’m working on building up some aas for my group. I wasn’t paying attention, and accidentally leveled most of my group to 111.
This made a lot of the mobs I’m killing white instead of yellow. I’ll most likely be at this same place for awhile, so should I murder my own group back down to 110?

Wouldnt that be the best way to level? I’d like to keep leveling the tank to 115, but keep the rest of the group at 110 until their subs are out. Any thoughts on this plan?

Mar 2, 2019
If you really feel you must delevel contact your local necro and get Sac'ed a few times (Sacrifice creates Essence Emeralds, later used by Necros for rezzing)
But the AA actually slows down based on how many AA you have not what level you are (you earn AA faster at a AA total of 15k, and slower at 35k).
At level 115 you benefit from Gear, Spells, Abilities that makes killing a lot easier.
As far as leveling, Collections appear to be about 2% level exp (instead of AAs), so get to clicking. . .
Once you reach the top end of 111 or early 112 do the TOV Mercenary, Partisan, and Hero Missions . . . the Hero missions give the most reward for the FIRST completion, if You start getting those done top end of 111 it may be just enough to get you to 115.
Mar 28, 2015
The 4 missions will not get you from 111 to 115. Ideal world for doing regular experience you don't touch the missions or the quests until closer to 113....or you end up grinding out 114 to 115 the hard way.


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Jul 30, 2006
All missions (with all achievements), tasks, and partisans will get you from 111 to 114. The rest is up to you (repeat missions, grind, etc.). I chose to use collections and I’ve gotten 2/3 of the way through 115 and still have a couple challenger achievements to get. Collections are huge right now.